Well I had a great post typed out and as I was just editing some stuff the program had an error and force closed on me… ugh I dislike that. It’s my fault really I should probably start it in word and copy and paste at least there I can save it. We live and learn…

This actually gives me a great segue however so not all is lost. So on with the show and let’s see if you can find the connection…

I have next week off from work and with it being so beautiful outside, it has been very difficult to concentrate on “work”. Today is not going to be a productive day already; I mean I’m writing this instead of working. Such a bad employee I know, who wants to punish me?

Focus (mantra for the day)

So with a full week of hmm a “staycation”, I have been attempting to figure out what to do with my time. I’ve got some obligations, but I still need to get a workout in, and a few other things that need to happen. So I’ve been thinking of things I can do other then go running seeing that my daughter will be with me… and I can’t exactly leave her at home alone. Blah blah blah anyway

I’ve thought about a piece of string hung up to practice my ducking and punch/kicking also thought about a tennis ball hung from the ceiling to practice kicks and punches. Then there is always BURPEES, I was reintroduced to these during Wednesday’s TKD class these lovely things really have a found pain in my shoulders. Now I’m on the third floor I’m sure these would upset the neighbors… (maybe a reason to do them)

Basic Burpee:

Begin standing
Drop to a squat with your hands on the ground
Explode your legs back to a push up position
Then back to the squat position
And jump into the air.
(There are many versions of this, including the a push up or knee lifts when in your push up position)

To continue I can also go for walks with my daughter so on so forth…

I have an agenda as well this coming week and that is to learn as much as I can about the differences between Aerobic and Anaerobic and which exercises are can be tailored for each. Does anyone know any good websites or books on the subject?

So my desire is to delve deep into the research pool and learn some great things. (Yes that is the segue)

Learning there are always things that need to be learned… exercise and nutrition aren’t whole new worlds for me but from my limited knowledge base I’ve made some mistakes especially when listening to soccer coaches when I was younger or reading muscle mags and thinking that is how everyone should train. We must discern what the best way is for each of us and go down that path.

Mistakes happen let’s learn and do what we can… education is just exercising your brain after all!