I live in the Puget Sound area or around Seattle area.  If you know anything about this part of the country, it isn’t that it necessarily rains all the time but that it is constantly cloudy.  However we have reached quite a clear dry spell.  It has been so beautiful here lately in the 80s most days and clear skies.  I love it and enjoy the warmth the sun gives.

I mentioned in a past post I’m off this week and have gone on many short to long walks.  Last night my family, after doing TKD, went to the park and we ended up doing a little rinning.  I did some sprints.  I love running that all out… To the point were my vision almost blurs and I start to get tunnel vision.  Reminds me of the days I played soccer. 

So my excersize of the night besides tkd was sprints with burpees at the end then rest for a count of 30 and sprint again… I need to purchase a soccer ball.  I had one but I think its been lost.  Anyway

So I weighed myself this morning down to 201.  Need to include more upper body into the mix still… Shoulders and arms need to tone up.  6lbs to my goal, then time to re-evaluate and set a new goal, even a maintenance goal. 

Anyone else have a goal? How do you motivate yourself to finish that goal? How do you motivate yourslf to keep your weight off?

I’m looking at getting a pair of running shoes as I’m enjoying my running again.  I just am not sure what brands are.out there and what the better ones are.  I’d love to try a few but don’t think the store would like that.

Oh well catch you all on the flip side.