So Friday: After work, test starts at 7:10pm I’m there after work about 6:10pm. Plenty of time to relax and go over in my head what’s happening. First belt test back in a very long time, I sit upstairs and meditate for a minute, then I go outside and practice a little in plain clothes… as time gets closer I grab my GI and change.
There is younger group having their test so I sit back and watch for a minute as they are finishing up. The judges go through the wrap up as the kids sit and listen fidgeting.
Anyway more on that later, I start to go over not the moves themselves but a mantra I guess you can call it… “Make each movement sharp and powerful, focus on each movement let it come from the core.  Confidence and balance.”

The kids group is done and I am as focused as I can be.  We are called onto the mat and allowed sometime to stretch… I feel the normal tightness as I start to stretch, its just like normal class

Testing starts and we go into a back stance and go through the punching techniques .. this is one of my hardest parts repetitive moments … I can do the first and second correct but after that I kind of lose it… Today focused… I do well however.  Just oneinor miss que on a jab reverse cross upper.  I lose track… But I pull it back, remain focused…

The rest flies I’m doing good

Forms come …  

I know this… I’ve practiced it and practiced it… The problems come when I do the sudo middle block… I some how do just a down block… Of course I don’t even realize I’ve done this… I do it twice however… Third time is the charm. 

I didn’t know how I messed up till I was shown by my wife who took videos.  I was like fuck I can’t believe I screwed that up.  The rest of the test was good… Just those mistakes… 

I passed… Comments were I had good intensity and power… And that I was able to correct the mistake.  Which is a bonus.

So that was Friday, Saturday was the tkd schools picnic, which was a great time, I played volleyball and a little soccer among other things.  The kids had pineta… It was great.  Now I need to wait till Friday night for the belt ceremony.


That was my weekend… Hope I didn’t bore ya all.