I’m still here; after this long weekend. It’s the speed bumps in life that make things more interesting right? It’s been a long week which ended in a longer weekend… 3 days off and life gets interesting. In an attempt to get some exercise during this time, I woke up early and went to my apartment gym. Oh I was going to enjoy a little morning cardio with some interval running.

I get to the gym part and all the gates are locked and I’m not a happy camper, it was 8:45 in the morning and they open at 9 on Saturday. I let out an audible growl and start planning something else to do but then I noticed that there were some individuals in the office. Maintenance, I try the door ahh its open sweet. I am polite and ask if it’s cool if I go workout since the gates locked. I’m down the hall before either can reply but I hear one say it’s cool. So I get down there it’s empty I hop on the treadmill.

Start with a 1 to 1 interval walk/run with the walk at 4 and the run at 6 for 15 minutes. I’ve got my music on full blast as it’s empty I’m a hardcore rock/punk sort, so I’m listening to Hatebreed, Otep, Soulfly, Pantera… so yeah that’s that, I get done… I take a minute to rest and then I start an upper body machine session (since there are no free weights) they do have a rather nice pulley system. I do some pull downs, some over the head extensions, pull across, plus some punches. I’m done with my 2 rd set and I get a call, it breaks my focus…

I decide to get back on the treadmill do another interval run 1 to 2 this time for 10 minutes at a 7.5 then down to a 5.5… I am pumping sweat… the anaerobic from the weights always seem to do that to me. So I’m finishing up and someone walks in doesn’t say a word but then I hear a slam in the other room… I turn my music off and go to see what the damage was. As it turns out it was nothing, they are finally moving the filing cabinets from the racquet ball court. Sweet that it’s opening back up but now my focus is out the window.

I get back in and go for my 3rd and 4th sets, about half way through my 4th I’m just dragging ass as my mind is distracted now and I don’t think I’ll make it to my 3 rd run. I decide to call the ball. My music in my ears I start to walk home.

I won’t bore you with Sunday it was pretty much the same morning just worked the legs instead.

There are many speed bumps:

But boredom?

What do you do when you get bored? How do you change up your routine? I have a few main stays that I normally do but then I also have things that if I get bored ill drop what I do and go do that…

Yoga is a main one … I don’t get bored of it but at times the repetition of doing the same movements over and over again can get rather mundane, Tae Kwon Do practice is another main one… But sometimes I want something different.

I will sub these sometimes… Choose more traditional stretches or go play tennis or kick a soccer ball around… Or do some body weight exercises. My next adventure I think is going to be kettle bells… they look like a lot of fun and that you can really work up a good sweat.

Maybe this falls to motivation because lately I’ve been focused on TKD, as I have a competition coming in Oct. Sparing has been the main focus… How to get faster, better, higher so on so forth?

Alright I think I’m going to end this one here… I’m still working on some details… of the blog itself… I’ve thought about different pages for different aspects i.e. health, nutrition, tkd, life in general.