So my mind isn’t working right and work is work, so I’ve decided to go back in time, just a little bit and edit my Monday journal slightly as it’s a good sign of the week so far… everything is raw or rough or whatever term you’d like to use… enjoy… I think I’m going to work on my story a little more.

This morning was a rough one. My insomnia hit hard last night so I barely got to sleep. So this morning I was up way before the nightmare of the alarm clock. I was thinking of my story and flashed on brilliance and well should have written it down because now my mind has lost it. It was how the relationship of my two main characters develops into their rivalry. I remember bits of it which I’ve got to write down … It’s good to talk it out here helped me remember it more…

I did get a great workout in last night a little run to the gym a nice 40 min weight session mostly upper body and then a run back home.

Funny conversations on the bus, this was not a convo I was having, but something I overheard. A lady on the bus making her wedding plans and talking to her friend (I hope). She wanted to do all she could to make it feel romantic but she had gone to Ross for “white things” (her term note mine) and she just didn’t know how they fit in. Then her friend started telling her about something she saw and I lost interest… Maybe it was funnier in my head… I just had this whole scenario,

Girl one holding up two white objects and asking girl two which is more romantic… Girl two says well this white blah is more romantic then this white blah… Then girl one saying oh I don’t know… But it was the same exact object just one was backwards or inside out…

Yeah funnier in my head

I got spoiled with Nyquil and the lack of sleep last night has made my mind slug like slow… inching along the never ending work pile-up that is sitting on my desk. Ahh the holidays are good for getting behind … after being caught up.

Do you think a bottle of Jack would be cheaper in the long run over a Nyquil habit? I’m really starting to wonder. Of course I live in the great Pacific Northwest now and we made it legal to buy alcohol in any store so that jacked up the prices sky high… not that they weren’t high to begin with. Miss Mexico and buying a bottle of José for cheap.

More on inspirations and what actually inspires me…

To carry a little from yesterday’s blog, what inspires you? I love listening to music whether, I’m all over the board normally in my musical tastes and I’m sure you’ll catch me writing differently depending on what I’m listening to. Normally I’ll range from Loreena McKennitt or Flogging Molly all the way to the other side with groups like Hatebreed or In This Moment.

My other big inspiration is just life in general. The experiences of a life time can be felt with but a penstroke or a brush in the right individuals hand and that’s what I attempt to put into my stories. I drawl a lot from personal experience or from others I talk to… Sometimes that individual sitting on the bus or the corner can have great stories.

I remember ugh how long ago was this had to be about ten years, I was riding the 500 from downtown tacoma up to federal way, wa. There was this girl riding truly a typical punk rock teenager but I loved the shirt she had on it was a hand-grenade. I made a poem about her we got to talking and I found her rather interesting for a teen… Meh anyway got to wonder where that poem is now.