Arg I had a post I was going to bring you but it seem I have forgotten to save it.  Silly rabbit trix are for kids.

Anyone miss me?  No I didn’t forget to write a post Friday, I just got busy with hmm life in general. 

Fair warning this post will be quite a mix enjoy at your own sanity…

So who do you follow on Twitter?  I follow a few people that I consider interesting characters.  One of those individuals is Wil Wheaton.  Most might know him as Wesley Crusher from Star Trek.  He’s got an interesting mix of posts from his pets to his work on and off stage.  It seems recently he has gotten a taste for brewing his own beer, which I think is awesome.  One day I would love to give that a try just to say I did it if nothing else.  I’d recommend following him I believe its @wilw.

Work, Tae Kwon Do, Writing and such… Plus I’m not a cold weather person and it has felt to be below 30 degrees lately.  I much prefer the San Diego warm sand to the freezing Northwests rocks at the “beach”.  But I’m here and not there so got to make the best of it.

Speaking of which the family set off on a little trek Saturday night… It was a fun little walk in the fridged streets.  We walked about two miles, well I ran on the way back, looped around to meet up to continue the little walk.  It was enjoyable enough, but talk about layers… That is definitely something you learn to do here very quickly.

In other news I have at least three chapters written which I’ll be posting as I reread.  Probably through the week, ie Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Slightly action packed… More character building. 

Tuesday is taken I’m sure I will be a sore puppy that night as its the start of a competition sparing class.  A whole hour of nothing but sparing anyone?  Yeah it’ll be a blast. 

Speaking of blasts how do you like the payroll tax hike?  That did some great things to my little paycheck… Thank you congress!! 

/bugs bunny voice on “what a bunch of Moroons” /bugs bunny voice off.

Okay I don’t want to get all political here so I’ll leave that rant at the door.

So I hope you’ll all enjoy whatever life throws at ya.  It’s Sunday 5am ish and I need to get some sleep… Insomnia…

Here’s to whiskey and a naked lady…