I used to have a deviant art account I have forgotten the password or I’d deactivate it.  Oh well anyway, I haven’t much to share thought wise today, believe I’m getting a cold… Blah

Tae Kwon Do should be interesting as I attempt not to feel like shit.  Funtimes… Lol

Got some news at work about a former coworker who’s going to come work for the same company I do… This is I’m not happy about this but what can you do?  Hopefully he’s in a different department.

The effort will be, to be nice to this individual… and not nerd rage as I’d rather tell them to go shove a spiked club of eminence pain up their anal hole… Not that it would do much I’m sure as it “the hole” has been widely used by the corporate machine.

Well before I get myself into to much trouble I’ll leave with a poem from my deviant account:

Title: Just for Fun!

I took my poetic license
From the lieutenant
Or was that captain crunch

Standing proud on sundown
The terminal lights went on
Space the final frontier

KISS the acronym
Not the physical act
What does draw near

Silly mind with a rhyme
In time with the beating sub-lime
Tasted on those lips

That’s the physical act
Pleasure or pain
The clouds cover the sun

Then the wind
Blows the mind
Back to the future

To end, or begin
Keeping it simple sparky!!

~John Antrim