Tae Kwon Do

So last night I started my competition class for Tae Kwon Do, ugh I am feeling it this morning. To add to the discomfort is the lovely cold weather… Cold muscles cold body… But damn I look good… Sorry let my ego fly for a second.

This is a once a week thing that is strictly preparation for sparring at competition. It’s also a constant reminder of how old I am. Dang kids, I need to stretch and stretch…

It is an amazing thing the human body. What you prepare it for it will mold into, as long as it’s healthy. I need to do some molding but need to also listen to my body

Tae Kown Do there are a lot of kicks, a few of them are spinning kicks and moving around and balance is a key element. The whole balance issue seems to be a little off, since I’ve lost 50lbs. I’m now more balanced standing still but let’s say I’m doing a round house spinning heel kick… My body just doesn’t seem to know how to move itself around… So now I need to train my body to be aware or so it seems.

I’m sure there is a technical term for this phenomenon, and I’ll likely look it up. But at the moment I’m to focused on other things to think that far ahead. Maybe a reader will know and post it up?

So can you guess what my mantra for the year is? Yes you got it Balance (okay let’s pretend you did) if you didn’t.


Balance of all things from work to home to play… So maybe it is a coincidence that the same would come to my equilibrium. But who believes in coincidence? I think not!

Balance has always been something I’ve worked to achieve… But I decided this year to make it a main focus. Anyone have a main focus for the year? How are you working to achieve it?

I focus not on separating things but on finding the right balance. There is a good balance between work, family, fun, writing, friends, and time off from the world (aka porn) joking, just the world in general.

So now I’m looking for things that will help me to do those beautiful artistic spinning kicks. I have a balance board and I’ve been starting to use that. I am also doing more core exercises, focus is more on the body weight exercises, i.e. burpies, planks, crawls, sit-ups, push-ups all those lovely things. So my body can adjust itself. I think I might incorporate some yoga it tends to be very stabilizer (balance) oriented. Anyone have suggestions?


I have a chapter coming Friday, I need to work on a few details and I should be able to this weekend to have another three chapters come out next week. I know I put that they are rough drafts, but I don’t want them to look completely thrown together at the last minute.

Chai Tea Latte

Anyone know where to get a good chai tea latte in Seattle? I am so tired of going to a coffee shop and all I get it half foam and a boring barely flavored taste of milk… I’ve been to two places and basically when I taste it. Today I even asked for the spicy version of this delicacy versus the “sweat”. Meh of course that place (which I won’t mention as the lady that served me was really quiet nice) was also serving day old scones, I was like are you effing kidding me? Hell if I want that I’ll go to the super fucking market!

Quite honestly I get more flavor from the “Lipton Chai Tea – Spiced Cinnamon” then I do coffee houses… grr anyway off my soap box!

Whiskey and the naked lady…

Edit: I need to stop posting these via my phone it cuts words out… Anyway