So yesterday I had a bad day, as you can clearly see… and of course this is my struggle.  Well one of them, I again want to find a balance (focus for the year).  This time it’s the focus between my desire to be a blogger/published writer and my personal life.  Or maybe it would be better to say my outward persona vs. my private one.  I’m a private person for the most part, anyone that knows me in person knows I am not one that shares a lot of inner details about myself…
How to describe this for understanding purposes… I can tell you I read a book and that I liked it, but I will not mention the emotional impact that it had on me.
But with that in mind, I’ve got a clear goal, to get published, to get my book published, to get my stories out there for people to read.  I am not looking to get rich beyond my wildest dreams; I am not looking to write the bible… just looking to share my art with the world, and hopefully make a living at it.
Meh off that subject, grrr sorry just doing a lot of thinking lately… maybe to much… focus on the page and not man behind the green door… (the old perverts out there might get this reference). 
Subject change
What do you like to see in a blog?  I’d create an informal poll but I want your personal take on the matter.   How do you connect with a blogger?  I’ve read a lot of blogs and maybe it’s just me but some I think over-share, others I find I’d like to follow, have been dead for years.  I want to reach a wide audience, as stated above my clear goal is to get published.  So I want to ask you my audience what you look for?
Is it personal stories from the past?
Is it a day to day life?
The struggles of being a writer?
What inspires the creativity?
Do you want the emotional impact that they all have?
Say there’s an article I find interesting… would you rather a link or a repost of the article?  Of course I would include my thoughts on the article either way.
This is just an informal request for info… lets interact so I can get to know you my audience as well.