So its friday, its been a week from all angels.  I hope you all enjoyed chapters 3 4 and 5 this week.  I’m on a long weekend for whatever holiday is Monday.  I’m tired and the bus is making me sleepy especially since I’m not crowded into a corner.

I need to make it to the gym tonight I’d say go for a run outside but I’m afraid my nuts would revolt and cause me great pain for making them freeze. 

I need to work on my cardio, maybe I’ll do some HIIT… high intensity interval training…

Anyway sorry sort of rambling at the moment… I want to leave with a poem again, its an old one that I had up on my deviant art page but its an interesting look… Please enjoy and feel free to comment.  Enjoy your weekend and look for more chapters coming soon…

Any good plans for the weekend? UFC has some fights on I think.  Might watch some of those… I know there’s a football game on… Seattle Sounders season starts soon.  Beyond that who knows what will happen…

       ~whiskey and a naked lady

This Little Circle

I wonder if the circle will continue
The little circle of sacrifice
Pull towards the demon
What more is there left to devour

Soul long gone
Body just a shell
Mind lost to insanity
Life of emptiness

The expression in your eyes
To know what true pain is
Bruised and beaten
Till the will is gone

Just whisper in my ear
The night will take your arm
Lead you down this path
Where your last gasp will be mine


Live again fiery phoenix
Resurrected from the ashes
With that last glimmer of faith

Saint Jude thy patron saint
You a lost cause
And life returns to your pale cheeks

The demon slips away
And the idol crumbles
Till it to arises again