When I was 21 (if I’m remembering right) maybe 22.  I decided to take a trip, on the greyhound.  Back then greyhound offered a ticket you could buy that would allow you to go anywhere for a month as many buses as you wanted. 

So living in San Diego I hopped the bus for the first leg of my trip, I ended up going to Dallas, TX… through some friends I was informed of a huge renaissance faire.  Called the Scarborough Renaissance Faire.  I didn’t realize how huge this faire would really be.  But I so enjoyed the company and getting my freak on in period costume.

This was a great time, I spent a few nights with a friend I had meet there and explored a bit of Dallas, my next stop had to be Boston through New York as it were.  I didn’t get to spend much time in either place. 

On the way we went through Tennessee, and a few other interesting spots but I didn’t stick around to visit.  From what I had heard… It was mostly dead. 

But hey I almost forgot about the slight interruption… In the trip, we had left Dallas and ended up getting pulled over by boarder patrol.  It was actually an interesting even to watch heavily armed gunmen come on board with German Sheppards and look through passports and ask people questions.  I had been to Tijuana plenty of times so I was used to the questions.  They left with two individuals and we were on our way. 

In Boston I was supposed to meet up with a friend I had meet online and who was supposed to show me around.  Well that didn’t workout.  So back up plan I spent 2 days at a youth hostile and hung out with some dudes from Australia.

My new best friend, went to a few spots and had some fun times.  But I didn’t get to go were I wanted which was MIT seeing that’s the college my grandfather had graduated from and had a sailing pavilion named after him. 

So on to my next spot, I was a bit worried about this but it worked out for the best, I went into Toronto I had heard it was a great metropolitan city like New York.  I was just worried about crossing the broader because I didn’t have a passport, but back then it seemed to be perfectly okay as long as you had a driver’s licence.

I loved the big city feel you got there… But I was just having fun.  Nothing to serious and honestly they didn’t have the travel channel like they have now.  Either that or I was more interested in just roaming ended up, somehow in Ontario, were I had made new friends. 

I was stopped from kicking a dude’s ass for slapping a girl, pimp and one of his girls… As bubba the huge 7ft tall dude next to him was the enforcer.  They moved on and I was given a shot of JD… The next day I went to a six flags amusement park.  Unfortunately I can’t remember the name, but they had an awesome Batman ride where your feet hung and a wooden rollercoaster which was awesome. 

From there it was down to Colorado and over to a few more spots… Mostly just stopping long enough to grab a drink and move on… Till I got back to California. 

This part of the trip was the best… We stopped at a old gas station which looked abandoned and picked up a couple who sat in the way back near the rest of us crazies and well let’s just say the hooligans had plenty of fun.

It was a great time, I learned so much about different cultures and places.  I would recommend a trip of this nature to anyone… Unfortunately this was back when I was young and didn’t think about pictures or that sort of thing.  I also didn’t think beyond just having fun… If I could do it again I’d plan it much more and get into the local districts more.

Well anyway… Have a good night and good luck for those who have to work tomorrow.

~Whiskey and a Naked Lady