So this is a story I wrote a long time ago… It’s a proverb/fable sort of story about honor and respect.  As well as keeping your word.  Please enjoy…

The Tiger and The Tree

The White Tiger was new to the meadow, but instantly noticed the beautiful old tree on top of a small hill seeming to catch the morning sunshine as the night dew faded away.  The tree through the wind spoke to the Tiger, “Greetings young Tiger that is new to our meadow.  I am Grandfather as I am the eldest tree in the meadow.”

The Tiger spoke through a rough voice, “Grandfather tree would you know where to find water as I have traveled a long distance to reach this meadow.”

“I will strike this deal with you young Tiger,” as the tree slowly lowers a branch, “you may drink from my branches whenever you wish, and when you are hungry there will be plenty to eat.  With this a pact must be made, that you not harm the trees nor animals within these meadows.”  The Tiger thought this a grand pact and instantly accept giving his honor and respect to the tree.

Over the years the Tiger and the tree became close friends and talked about all things.  The Tiger grew not only mentally but spiritually. 

One day while returning to the meadow the Tiger noticed a new animal venturing forth to the tree.  The Tiger watched as the animal slowly lowered its antlers and scratched them upon the old tree.  Seeing this panic arose in him that the old tree was being hurt he lunged to protect his old friend.  

As the Tiger lunged one of Grandfather’s tree branches came to cross the Tiger’s path with a whisper saying, “Remember your oath Tiger and live long to protect this meadow for me.”

With those words the Tiger stopped in his tracks and laid down, after the grief of losing an old friend had gone he kept true to his oath and took upon him a new one now his duty to protect this gracious meadow.

~Whiskey and a Naked Lady