So I’ve had an epiphany, okay maybe not life altering but an “ah ha” moment non the less. This happened last night as I dreamt of goldfish being eaten by hmm I couldn’t tell really, it wasn’t an otter with a ferret face but it moved quick in the water. All I could think of at the moment was The owner of the gold fish was going to be pissed that they were being eaten. Maybe it was a weasel. It was a strange dream anyway

But onto the topic at hand, I listen to KISW a local seattle rock and talk radio station. I mostly listen to the men’s room which is the afternoon broadcast, sometimes BJ Shea as well the morning show. Both shows will have a question of the day or something close to that. So I’ve decided to attempt to answer those questions to the best of my ability.

So I came up with this, sort of format.

The two Questions from each show

So like today would be

BJ Shea: When have you or someone you know faked something?
The Men’s Room: What is one thing you’ve scratched off your bucket list and what’s next?

The question I’m going with today is BJ Shea’s, “when have you or someone you know faked something?”

Why am I choosing this question? Well most likely because the bucket list topic has been done a million and one times before.

The Answer: Well aside from faking being sick to get out of going to school. I have also faked or I think a better word might be “pretended”. Well let’s go with a little back story, at the age of four and a half I was diagnosed with leukemia, ALL – acute lymphoblastic leukemia. I had a long stay in the hospital (a few months I really can’t remember) and treatment of one sort or another till I was 8 years old and given a diagnosis of permanent remission aka cured.

I was asked to participate in studies, both during and after, to see how the chemo and radiation treatments would affect me, mentally and/or physically so on so forth. Well one of the side effects seemed to be my short term memory. It wasn’t as strong as it could have been and at times things didn’t make it into my long term memory.

Of course I’ve done so many psychology tests … I know most of them… repetition is my friend.


So at times I will conveniently forget something someone has asked me to do and blame it on my short term memory loss.

But there was this one time when I was young had to be 10 or so. A family friend had asked me to go to the store and get some things and pick up a recess peanut butter cup. Of which I could have one, because I loved them so much. Well I ate mine quickly after leaving the store, and on the way back, I just couldn’t resist that second one.

I ate it… mmm it was so good too… well worth any trouble I’d be in.

I got the brilliant idea to make it look like the package was unopened. Of course she didn’t buy it for one minute and I looked at her and said…

“I’m sorry I forgot that the other one was for you and as I came up the path I remembered and didn’t want to get into trouble… so I made it look like it was unopened and the candy was missing”.

I don’t know if it was the, I feel sorry for you, the laugh factor, or the damn that was a good try… but it saved my bacon, well partially. I still had to go back down to the store to pick up another recesses.

See ya all on the flip side