BJ Shea: Why do you hate your co-workers?
The Men’s Room: What price did you pay as a direct result of your mouth?

So I don’t really care for the first question, I’m not a huge fan of the word “hate”. It is such an ugly word and should only be reserved for certain phenomenon. I don’t even say I hate cold weather, I dislike being cold, but to hate it would give it such power.

Anyway before I get to deep into philosophy, I believe I’ll answer The Men’s Room question today.

The Men’s Room: What price did you pay as a direct result of your mouth?

This is a tough question really. I think I’ll go back to my teenage years to answer it. I mean besides pissing off a woman by saying the wrong thing, which would be the easy out, I think this story would be more entertaining.

Well maybe I can say me telling my manager and supervisors that I would have their jobs at some point in the future didn’t go over well, but that’s another story for another time I believe.

I think the biggest time my mouth got me into trouble happened when I was riding my bike back home, after picking and eating a lot of peaches. It was me, my brother, and two friends we had saved the pits and placed them in our pockets and we were coming down the hill about to turn onto our street. We lived on the far corner but I couldn’t see anything as there was a hedge that blocked the side.

Well to make a long story short, basically I believe my exact words where, “Wow I have a lot of fucking peach pits”

That is when I heard the fated, dreaded, ominous, FULL NAME come from the hedge. I was stunned I rode in shock almost missing the turn completely.

I jumped the curb and knew I was in trouble… my mom had heard me swear… the words in my head did not match the words I said…

Head: son of a bitch what the fuck is she doing there?
Spoken word: sorry mom
Head: this is going to suck!
Spoken word: mom I will never say that again!
Head: unless I know you really aren’t around.
Spoken word: yes mom I know I’m in trouble.
Head: fuck fuck fuck fuck
Spoken word: yes mom I’ll put my bike away and throw away the pits

We had planned to plant the pits I believe that was the plan anyway… ahh anyway yes I think beyond that. I think I learned quiet the lesson there… to look before you speak and to make sure the company you are in. (laughing)

Carry on, Catch up to you all another day…