Writer’s Digest: Traci Brimhall: Poet Interview. http://goo.gl/mag/fwsua9v I read this poem and found it moving… The interview is insightful… Slightly um manuscripted. But I enjoyed it non the less… THE VISITATION In the new dream, we search for a sacrifice, put our fingers in our own wounds, wake with our hands over each other’s mouths. Boys return from war as men who know two languages. We learn three so we will know the message when we hear it. The street prophet says, If God is your enemy, rejoice, for the darkness remembers you. In the old dream, we readied our stainless altar, but a wolf stole our offering. We were lucky enough to sing the song once, but we couldn’t bring the dead any joy. Men ask to borrow our sadness so they won’t have to feel their own. Yes, we said and kissed their arms. Yes, trees cover us with shadows. We give the prophet money to save something we’ll never see. In the first dream, men accept a new ecstasy. Our breath shows itself to us and disappears. As we enter the woods, the astonished wolf lifts its mouth from the lamb.

~Whiskey and a Naked Lady