**This is Important**



I want to encourage everyone to look for a way to support Olympic Wrestling. The IOC and FIFA have decided to take it out of the Olympics for 2020.

I don’t believe that one of the first sports let alone Olympic Sports should be tarnished in such a way. No I’m not a wrestler. I just know that this will effect more than just the Olympics.

Think of all the children who train and hope to one day be Olympic athletes. Think of where this will leave school wrestling programs. When kids don’t have a desire to test themselves anymore because there is no ultimate goal to achieve. Wrestling programs will fall by the waste side… Where will these kids end up?

Not only that but the fact that they have put in gold just tweeks my nips. The world must have gone nuts to replace wrestling with golf…


okay I’ll get off my soap box now.

~Whiskey and a Naked Lady