It’s hard to say when my weekends went from, personal expression of enjoyment to hey so and so is doing great.  Not that I don’t get some sort of satisfaction from watching Hotel Transylvania, but it’s not my go to ya feel me?

We went to the $2 theater as a family and I think the best commentary on the movie would be my daughter who decided about a 3rd of the way through she would rather grab a bite to eat then watch the rest of the movie.  We waited till after they got together, and then promptly left to miss traffic. 

So I know I’m late to this one but the movie was okay, glad I didn’t pay full price to see it.  It had its comedic moments but really just a flop.

Again to remind me of whom I’ve become I guess, I picked up the movie Ted, hoping it would be funny.  But, this is definitely a stoner movie, and smokings bad mmmkay kids!

So when did I become the grumpy old man?  Meh who knows who cares… I enjoy it just need a lawn so I can tell the kids to get the hell off it.  Or turn on the sprinklers and flip them the bird… while doing Tai Chi to Dream a little Dream.  (oh teen angst movie with old people what?)

Beyond that we are thinking of entering my daughter into a board breaking competition.  She’s 5 and would enjoy the trophy but we are not sure she can break the boards yet… Eh who knows?

On a personal note I want to enter a 5k, there are quite a few coming up.  The only problem I see at the moment is my plate is full we have TKD competition coming up in May, not sure the specific date at the moment.  So right now that takes president over other things especially since I want to spar in it.  Then there is the next belt test which should be late April sometime.  The board breaking is next month.  So might have to wait for end of the year run or maybe next season. 

I can run the 3.1 miles that’s not an issue really.  My times are getting better as well.  My last one was an 11:32, 10:50, 10:20.  My long term goal is to get into the high 9 minute mark with at least a 9:50 which might be slow but it’s an individual goal.  My other running goal is to one day do a 10k or a 10 mile race but not sure I want to put my body through that.  But that’s what the future is for to see how far I advanced. 

Oh I need new running shoes, anyone have any good info on these?  I have basic cross trainers but they are breaking quickly, I read a little bit and I know that addias has a new shoe.  I also saw a road runner shoe but mostly I just get the hype… I want to know if anyone has any good vs bad thoughts on shoes?

Back to TKD tonight is sparring class, get ready to bounce.  I need to stretch; ugh it hurts in a good way.  Last night I could barely touch the ground… Blah muscles don’t want to go that far.

So this among other more boring chores was my weekend… Anyway…

On a last note I am catching up with the story for those that are reading it, I’ll likely have something today if you’re lucky.  It might be late, as I’ve got lots of notes but pulling it all together is taking a little time… Patrick and Jack will finally meet well kind of.

It’ll be interesting to see what people think… I want to hear from all of you!