This is going to turn into a once a week segment I believe.  For no other reason than well sometimes the questions aren’t that great, and like this week, The BJ Shea show has been doing reruns till Today.  I’ve listed the questions for the week. 

KISW Question of the Week

BJ Shea:  What is your “Go To” restaurant when you are in Seattle?

The Men’s Room:  What was the strangest place you met someone that you asked out?
What lie were you told as a kid, or what lie do you tell your kids?
What was your daredevil moment and was it worth it?

I’ve decided to go with the daredevil moment.  There are many times I’ve jumped my BMX bike, I’ve skated down a hill, and skydived, and so on so forth.  But I am picking this one to delve deep into a personality which many have determined a little crazy, odd, senseless, nutz, hmm what other terms have been used, oh I loved this one daft… yes I think that used to be my favorite. 

So when I was in elementary, early elementary school really… I used to watch this TV show called “The Fall Guy”.   The concept of the show… okay well it was back in the 80’s so you’ll have to understand how cheesy the concept was. 

Synopsis: The adventures of a film stunt performer who moonlights as a bounty hunter when movie work is slow.

So the star of the show was Colt Seavers aka Lee Majors… or as the theme song I believe called him “The Unknown Stuntman”. 

Okay off topic I know, anyway I had to be 7 or 8, maybe 9 or 10 when I first started watching this, and I was going to Fremont Elementary.  Such a long time ago…

So I developed a sense of fearlessness early on in my childhood… okay I’ve stalled enough,

I told the girls in school that I was the unknown stuntman as I had a hood or something cover my face and started to unbutton my pants.  They would either scream and run away, or stand around and laugh… of course some the older ones would gossip with their friends. 

So yeah I’m a mental basket case… I was never caught and I realize that today this would be considered grounds for being psychologically tested and likely put on some sort of drug because I obviously had issues. 

Starved for attention?  No I had plenty of friends… of course that is the same time frame I had a cast on my arm and beat a little bully with it.   But that’s another story for another time.

Or maybe it was fun… yeah it was always about having fun for me.  Even as a little punk ass kid.

So does anyone want to answer a question from above?