KISW Question of the Week

BJ Shea:

What have you done to impress someone?
What is something you always brag about?
I would have to resign from my job if my company knew BLANK
I can’t believe I passed up on BLANK
What is something you do that surprises people?

The Men’s Room:

What opportunity did you have that you regret not taking advantage of?
What did you ingest that wasn’t what you thought it was?
When do you wish that people would have just minded their own business?
Monday Random Question

I’m going to answer this question… from the KISW BJ Shea morning show, “What is something you always brag about?”

I don’t tend to “brag” as defined by the dictionary:

1. to talk with excessive
pride about an achievement
or possession.

2. a boastful statement or
display of arrogant behavior

Understand I do have quite the ego at times, I know I do, it’s a curse well maybe not, but anyway. Before I get all I’m better then you, so stick your head in … nevermind I’ll just continue.

Alright, so I don’t know when it started, I do remember how it started. At some point as I was growing up, I told my mom that I was the perfect “me”. She agreed and said “of course you are”. Or something like that, I’m vague on the whole thing. Anyway at this point it became a running joke within my household that I am perfect.

Well pretty much if I know you for long enough, you will sooner or later hear the infamous words, “I’m perfect”.

So no matter what I’m perfect, if I screw up I screw up perfectly, if I do something off the wall, I do it perfectly. You get the drift I’m guessing

So I might have an ego but at least I can laugh at myself, perfectly!

Catch ya all on side B…