This will have a little bit of everything in it… life, fitness and a whole lot of me flipping the bird…

So guess to start we will go with… What does it mean that I am looking for a group to go running with? I’m mental? Like I don’t have enough on my plate? I like porn?

Well that last one yeah anyway

I believe I have found a group, me being the slightly antisocial, jaded, ass that I am really hope they are as much fun as they sound.

Actually I’m looking forward to it and hope to get to one of their runs between work, family, Tae Kwon Do and other adventures.  A nice little 5 k… added to the mix sounds awesome… part of their FAQ’s and a link to their website…



Tacoma Runners

About Us
The Tacoma Runners began in January 2010 with a few words on Twitter. Three people confirmed for an easy run from Tacoma’s iconic Parkway Tavern. Seven showed up. Twelve runners came for week two from the Red Hot. Then sixteen the following week. We now have more than 2000 members and the group continues to grow.

How fast does the group go?
Runners of every speed are always welcome. We have runners that go out at a very quick tempo. We have others that have never run 3 miles before or walk most of the distance. All are welcome.

What are you running for?
The Tacoma Runners isn’t running for any particular cause. We run to be social. We run to justify the beverage that may be consumed later in the evening. We run because it feels good and we like to be around good people.

Speaking of Tae Kwon Do, have I told you how much I love sparring? I heard last night that I might be included in the head contact catagory during the next competition. I don’t know if this is true or not as I believe their was a limit in the age catagory for younger and older adults. But who knows. Its fine by me… I look forward to it actually. It’ll be another challenge to over come!

But Sparring class went fantastic… I’m working on combinations both punching and kicking. Sometimes I get so focused on the kicking aspect that I forget I have hands to do more then block.

Beyond that… classes are awesome… I’m learning slowly but surely the new form and techinques and I’m progressing to testing time in Apirl.


So the next topic?  hehe The Story, yes I’m still writing it… I would say I will have another chapter for you all to read but well I’ve taken a slight moment to as my friend said relax and flip someone off. 

So here I am flipping someone off… you all just can’t see it… but I can mahahaha

Well anyway life is good, I am good, down to 172 and enjoying the extra energy and all that crap… anyway

I’ll let you all go catch you on the pavement… be good to each other