The Mens Room
What was the most awkward situation you’ve found yourself in?
Who was after you and why?
Here’s my secret for preventing ______?

BJ Shea
How were you disciplined when you were a kid?
What do you miss and wish would come back?
When it comes to driving, what pisses you off?
What made your first job memorable?
“I can’t believe my parents did BLANK.”

So question of the Week… there were so many good questions this week I might steal one for next week too. 

So what made my first job memorable, my first job, attempting to remember what it was first, but I think I know now… it was a paper route…  this could actually tie into who was after me and why question from above as well.  But I’ll go with the memorable – Not the “Chaucer” I’ll write your pimped crack head face into my story and you’ll be forever known as that character sort of thing. 

*burp* Wow that went deep … anyway  

I used to deliver to an old age home, not a nursing home mind you, but an assisted living home… in Imperial Beach, California.  And whoever says you lose your sexuality as you grow old, obviously is a moron. 

I’d go to collect my subscription money and I’d get offers for favors, or what have you.  Well there was an elderly lady who wanted to thank me for always standing the paper on up onto her door jamb so she didn’t have to bend so far down to pick it up.  She didn’t offer sex, she did make me cookies though which was awesome, until I opened the tin they were in and saw what they were shaped like. 

Yes the old lady had made round cookies and frosted them like they were boobs.  I laughed all the way home and bonus the cookies tasted awesome!

I stuck a note to her door and thanked her for the awesome cookies… and delivered her paper for a little longer till something else happened and I stopped delivering papers.

Catch ya all on the naughty side… and some old people are awesome!