Well I guess we should start with welcome…

Come in pull up a seat and have a cup of whatever I got at the moment. Tell me your story and I’ll tell you mine.


Who: John Antrim

What: Husband, father, friend, son, butt munch, hmm what else oh senior green belt in TaeKownDo. Writer, poet, cubie deweller…

Where: let’s just keep this to the Seattle area.

When: I’m chasing a dream, what dream you might ask? Hell I’ll tell you anyway f**kers.

I’m writing a book, this is not my first attempt at writing I’ve written most of my life. It is however the first one I will hopefully be forced to finish since I have it out there for others to see. I will be posting a chapter at a time, with the desire of getting it published at some point.

How: You’re looking at it. This is honestly one of the only ways I know of to get my stuff out there, some might say the best way with technology being what it is.

Twisted stories site if you want to get caught up or just follow the site and leave this other stuff behind.

So what will you see here? You’ll see a lot I’m not sure how much but you’ll see it. Or read it as the case might be. I’ll let you know when I post chapters…

I’ll talk about my inspirations, I’ll talk about people, places and things that make me smile or piss me off.

Hmm what else: oh yes, feel free to interact with me, I am looking for feedback, I am looking for opinions, and to get to know my audience. I want this to take off, to be a success… To be all it can be in the… Damn commercial get the eff out of my head.

So be warned life happens here.

~whiskey and a naked lady