Alright I’m going to get on a soapbox again folks … I’m not sorry either!   Mahaha
I understand that people like sweets and people like all this stuff, hell I won’t lie, I love a good donut, or a fresh scone with my shot of espresso.  However, how the effing hell do you bring in a box donuts or brownies or whatever other unhealthy food to work each and every week, sometimes twice a week?
And people gravitate towards this unhealthy junk like seagulls to a dumpster with no lid. 
So I want to try an experiment, and would love to know if others have tried it in the past.  Instead of a box of donuts, I want to bring in a tube of healthy snacks.  Apples, Celery, other healthy food that preserves well, we have an ice machine, so I can keep it cold… just in a make shit container with ice on the bottom and the tube on top.  And see how quickly this “healthy”… food would vanish.  
Ugh, so I sit here listening to people smack their lips about Voodoo Donuts… and don’t get me wrong, they are OUTSTANDING.  But these should be special, not daily or weekly especially within an office setting.  Where we sit on our asses for a better part of 8 hours.  Yet it seems that every office setting I’ve ever been in it’s been the same, donuts, cake, and the such. 
The one year, I asked for a slightly healthy cake at an old job, for my birthday I think I was castrated. 

It’s not going to have icing on it? 

OMG you are the devil!!! 

Well no, I might be evil but not the devil!

Or this little scene as a friend put it slightly less aggressively then I…

Employee A to me: “oh so and so brought in donuts—help yourself”

Me “Oh thanks, but I already ate breakfast, I’m good.” (thinking hell no I’d have to work out for 3 hours to work off that ONE stale donut! No thank you!)

Employee A to me: *with a snear* “well okay then.” Or they get really snotty and say “what are you on a diet?”
What really gets me is these are the same people that will say “I’m so fat I can’t move and I need an electric chair for assistance.”  Okay okay I need to stop or I’ll just keep this train rolling.
I’m over it now… off I go… back to work blah

~Whiskey and a Naked Lady