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I got busy writing, I got busy working… meh excuses for not getting this out are many and varied but it’s here now so enjoy or drop out… 🙂

So with that said I bring you Orange County’s own “The Vandals”

These guys are hmm memorable in a catchy type of way, I think they were labeled as Punk Pop which is just wrong they were and would always be punk. They inspired a lot of other bands and definitely had a west coast style vs the east coast.

Interesting side note, Tenacious D’s Lead guitarist on the 2001 album is/was apart of this band… a friend of mine will like that fact I’m sure… they love T/D.

I just love listening to them… not much to go beyond that… so enjoy

Anarchy Burger

Viking Suit


KISW Question of the Week

BJ Shea:

What have you done to impress someone?
What is something you always brag about?
I would have to resign from my job if my company knew BLANK
I can’t believe I passed up on BLANK
What is something you do that surprises people?

The Men’s Room:

What opportunity did you have that you regret not taking advantage of?
What did you ingest that wasn’t what you thought it was?
When do you wish that people would have just minded their own business?
Monday Random Question

I’m going to answer this question… from the KISW BJ Shea morning show, “What is something you always brag about?”

I don’t tend to “brag” as defined by the dictionary:

1. to talk with excessive
pride about an achievement
or possession.

2. a boastful statement or
display of arrogant behavior

Understand I do have quite the ego at times, I know I do, it’s a curse well maybe not, but anyway. Before I get all I’m better then you, so stick your head in … nevermind I’ll just continue.

Alright, so I don’t know when it started, I do remember how it started. At some point as I was growing up, I told my mom that I was the perfect “me”. She agreed and said “of course you are”. Or something like that, I’m vague on the whole thing. Anyway at this point it became a running joke within my household that I am perfect.

Well pretty much if I know you for long enough, you will sooner or later hear the infamous words, “I’m perfect”.

So no matter what I’m perfect, if I screw up I screw up perfectly, if I do something off the wall, I do it perfectly. You get the drift I’m guessing

So I might have an ego but at least I can laugh at myself, perfectly!

Catch ya all on side B…


Well I think, I hope anyway that I’ve been able to change my time zone on this thing.  Strangest thing how it thought I was in another part of the world. 

Anyone have small victories they want to share?  Please leave a comment…

Catch you later


~Whiskey and a Naked Lady

It’s hard to say when my weekends went from, personal expression of enjoyment to hey so and so is doing great.  Not that I don’t get some sort of satisfaction from watching Hotel Transylvania, but it’s not my go to ya feel me?

We went to the $2 theater as a family and I think the best commentary on the movie would be my daughter who decided about a 3rd of the way through she would rather grab a bite to eat then watch the rest of the movie.  We waited till after they got together, and then promptly left to miss traffic. 

So I know I’m late to this one but the movie was okay, glad I didn’t pay full price to see it.  It had its comedic moments but really just a flop.

Again to remind me of whom I’ve become I guess, I picked up the movie Ted, hoping it would be funny.  But, this is definitely a stoner movie, and smokings bad mmmkay kids!

So when did I become the grumpy old man?  Meh who knows who cares… I enjoy it just need a lawn so I can tell the kids to get the hell off it.  Or turn on the sprinklers and flip them the bird… while doing Tai Chi to Dream a little Dream.  (oh teen angst movie with old people what?)

Beyond that we are thinking of entering my daughter into a board breaking competition.  She’s 5 and would enjoy the trophy but we are not sure she can break the boards yet… Eh who knows?

On a personal note I want to enter a 5k, there are quite a few coming up.  The only problem I see at the moment is my plate is full we have TKD competition coming up in May, not sure the specific date at the moment.  So right now that takes president over other things especially since I want to spar in it.  Then there is the next belt test which should be late April sometime.  The board breaking is next month.  So might have to wait for end of the year run or maybe next season. 

I can run the 3.1 miles that’s not an issue really.  My times are getting better as well.  My last one was an 11:32, 10:50, 10:20.  My long term goal is to get into the high 9 minute mark with at least a 9:50 which might be slow but it’s an individual goal.  My other running goal is to one day do a 10k or a 10 mile race but not sure I want to put my body through that.  But that’s what the future is for to see how far I advanced. 

Oh I need new running shoes, anyone have any good info on these?  I have basic cross trainers but they are breaking quickly, I read a little bit and I know that addias has a new shoe.  I also saw a road runner shoe but mostly I just get the hype… I want to know if anyone has any good vs bad thoughts on shoes?

Back to TKD tonight is sparring class, get ready to bounce.  I need to stretch; ugh it hurts in a good way.  Last night I could barely touch the ground… Blah muscles don’t want to go that far.

So this among other more boring chores was my weekend… Anyway…

On a last note I am catching up with the story for those that are reading it, I’ll likely have something today if you’re lucky.  It might be late, as I’ve got lots of notes but pulling it all together is taking a little time… Patrick and Jack will finally meet well kind of.

It’ll be interesting to see what people think… I want to hear from all of you!


BJ Shea: Why do you hate your co-workers?
The Men’s Room: What price did you pay as a direct result of your mouth?

So I don’t really care for the first question, I’m not a huge fan of the word “hate”. It is such an ugly word and should only be reserved for certain phenomenon. I don’t even say I hate cold weather, I dislike being cold, but to hate it would give it such power.

Anyway before I get to deep into philosophy, I believe I’ll answer The Men’s Room question today.

The Men’s Room: What price did you pay as a direct result of your mouth?

This is a tough question really. I think I’ll go back to my teenage years to answer it. I mean besides pissing off a woman by saying the wrong thing, which would be the easy out, I think this story would be more entertaining.

Well maybe I can say me telling my manager and supervisors that I would have their jobs at some point in the future didn’t go over well, but that’s another story for another time I believe.

I think the biggest time my mouth got me into trouble happened when I was riding my bike back home, after picking and eating a lot of peaches. It was me, my brother, and two friends we had saved the pits and placed them in our pockets and we were coming down the hill about to turn onto our street. We lived on the far corner but I couldn’t see anything as there was a hedge that blocked the side.

Well to make a long story short, basically I believe my exact words where, “Wow I have a lot of fucking peach pits”

That is when I heard the fated, dreaded, ominous, FULL NAME come from the hedge. I was stunned I rode in shock almost missing the turn completely.

I jumped the curb and knew I was in trouble… my mom had heard me swear… the words in my head did not match the words I said…

Head: son of a bitch what the fuck is she doing there?
Spoken word: sorry mom
Head: this is going to suck!
Spoken word: mom I will never say that again!
Head: unless I know you really aren’t around.
Spoken word: yes mom I know I’m in trouble.
Head: fuck fuck fuck fuck
Spoken word: yes mom I’ll put my bike away and throw away the pits

We had planned to plant the pits I believe that was the plan anyway… ahh anyway yes I think beyond that. I think I learned quiet the lesson there… to look before you speak and to make sure the company you are in. (laughing)

Carry on, Catch up to you all another day…

I remember the first time my musical taste was expanded beyond the pop charts and pushed into the outer reaches of a whole lotta love.  I was about eight years old and at a Christian camp (Camp Owanga) of all things… I was one of the younger kids of the group and one of the older boys who somehow (can’t remember how) had a lot of pull around the camp and a group of us were hanging out.  He pulled out the vinyl of Led Zeppelin II and put it over the PA system in the dining area.  We listened to that record till someone came in and told us we were done.

I was done from that moment on, music wasn’t the same.  I always wanted something more, something different.  It went from rock to rap to old time country and oldies (thanks to my mom for the last two). 

Over time and me being so young, my interest turned to sports and girls and just having fun.  Music took a back seat to soccer, baseball, riding my bike, being the unknown stuntman… (That’s another story for another time). 

So what the next trigger you might ask yourself?  Ahh it must be camp (this one time at band camp) or something… of course it wasn’t really band camp.  It was a camp to teach brilliant young bastards to study and learn and fall into society.  I can’t remember the name of this camp unfortunately.  I only went once and it was on a college campus and I had a lot of free range.  Of course I did at home too… but anyway. 

I was bunked with an older boy, who had been through this a few times as I was introduced to him.  I in my polo and jeans, he was in black jeans and a black t-shirt with led zeppelin on the front and don’t mention the multiple piercings in the ears.  We became friends despite the age gap… music was back in my life even if for a brief moment.  Can you guess…? I heard “Going to California” for the first time.  Ahh Led Zeppelin my old friend. 

From that day on music has always been a part of my life, from the early days…

When I reached the tender age of 14 or 15, I was moved from my comfort zone in Ocean Beach, (San Diego, CA) and relocated to Imperial Beach, CA.  This turned to my teen angst years and I turned to Hardcore Punk…

It was The Germs, Circle Jerks and Suicidal Tendencies among many more… I was still considered a good kid to most… I had my dark side… but this is about music influence and not social disorder.  Combat boots and torn jeans and a t-shirt that had a skeleton finger on it… was the costume of the moment

Well I must say I still have an affinity towards hardcore, from punk to metal to alcohol… lol I haven’t lost that question authority edge.   Music I listen to now?  As I stated in an earlier post it all ranges from Celtic folk that fills the soul to Hardcore punk that fills the mosh pit… even if it’s a little tamer than it used to be.

My current costume?  Well when I can get away with it… its’ still the torn jeans and something with a skull.  On those professional days, it’s slacks and a button up.  Always staying true to my roots through I have a skull someplace… anyway I’m starting to ramble I’ll let you all go… have a great day!


So yesterday I had a bad day, as you can clearly see… and of course this is my struggle.  Well one of them, I again want to find a balance (focus for the year).  This time it’s the focus between my desire to be a blogger/published writer and my personal life.  Or maybe it would be better to say my outward persona vs. my private one.  I’m a private person for the most part, anyone that knows me in person knows I am not one that shares a lot of inner details about myself…
How to describe this for understanding purposes… I can tell you I read a book and that I liked it, but I will not mention the emotional impact that it had on me.
But with that in mind, I’ve got a clear goal, to get published, to get my book published, to get my stories out there for people to read.  I am not looking to get rich beyond my wildest dreams; I am not looking to write the bible… just looking to share my art with the world, and hopefully make a living at it.
Meh off that subject, grrr sorry just doing a lot of thinking lately… maybe to much… focus on the page and not man behind the green door… (the old perverts out there might get this reference). 
Subject change
What do you like to see in a blog?  I’d create an informal poll but I want your personal take on the matter.   How do you connect with a blogger?  I’ve read a lot of blogs and maybe it’s just me but some I think over-share, others I find I’d like to follow, have been dead for years.  I want to reach a wide audience, as stated above my clear goal is to get published.  So I want to ask you my audience what you look for?
Is it personal stories from the past?
Is it a day to day life?
The struggles of being a writer?
What inspires the creativity?
Do you want the emotional impact that they all have?
Say there’s an article I find interesting… would you rather a link or a repost of the article?  Of course I would include my thoughts on the article either way.
This is just an informal request for info… lets interact so I can get to know you my audience as well.