Work is going crazy, but it keeps me busy but doesn’t offer much for writing or thinking or anything else for that matter… I’m working on chapter 12 and 13 if the story, ill have chapter 12 up here pretty soon. And likely have chapter 13 up Thursday. I hope things become more interesting for those looking for more character development these next few chapters will focus on Patrick and his story. Please enjoy As for TaeKownDo I am attempting to learn to count to ten for now. I will also have some phrasing up soon. But for now here is what I am slowly attempting to get into my head… (thick skull not much room for other things) Hanna 01 Dul 02 Set 03 Net 04 Dasot 05 Yasot 06 Elgob 07 Yadol 08 Ahop 09 Yol 10 Short term memory don’t fail me now John

~Whiskey and a Naked Lady