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chapter nine

It’s up and please enjoy

~Whiskey and a Naked Lady


Chapter Eight – Jack’s First Assignment

Finished chapter eight… I hope you all enjoy and as always its a rough draft.  Comments are welcome any feedback is great!

I have the end in mind now its all about the middle as they say the devil is in the details…

Catch ya later

~Whiskey and a Naked Lady


Brand new Chapter!!! As always this is a rough draft.  Please enjoy and if you are up to it let me know how you like it and such.

As I write it, it is slowly developing into a story, which was completely different but the same.  If you get my meaning.

Chapter Four “Tucked Away”

This is the fourth chapter to my novel, please enjoy and feel free to leave feedback, and I’ll have a new post up soon

Are you ready for chapter three?  Please enjoy and feel free to comment … Looking for any help as I go along this journey.  As always this is a draft. 

chapter three breakfast interrupted