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So at this point I feel like an absentee blogger… I can’t promise to pick it up any, but I will try my best… I just have a lot of things going on and my mind is distracted by the beauty of the world.

So I’ve started running during lunch… about 10 to 15 minutes, over a mile … on a normal day. Then I go to Tae Kwon Do at night Which has become almost a nightly event as I am testing for my Blue Belt White Stripe. On Saturday.

Also I am writing more of the story… that process has slow but I’m still writing.

My music and belly button gremlin are fun and I will be posting more of those. I hope that everyone at least enjoys them as much as I do.

Prose and Poetry, I need a little inspiration. I want a camera I can take pictures with, but is light and faster then my phone. But that’s another story for another time.

I need new running shoes as the ones I have are breaking down slowly but surely. I entered a contest to get free entery into a 5k…

Oh and speaking of competitions I have a TKD competition in May (I believe… lol) which I still don’t know if I’m competiting or might just volunteer at. hmm anyway I would really love to do the Sparring bit but don’t know with everything else… meh we’ll see how it goes.


catch ya all on the curb…


I found this interesting post on Pintrest… god knows I need to work on my flexibility both in Tae Kwon Do and for Running… before and after… the stiffness … anyway

Thought I’d share it with you all… I know I’ve been absent… no worries I’ll be back soon! Work just has been busy so I don’t get time to post… as much as I’d like to

I did start running during lunch… a quick 10 to 15 minute run… and today I hit a new milestone running a mile in 8.28 minutes…

Tae Kwon Do is going great, I’m with the increase in stamina from running I’m able to rebound faster and I can tell that my kicks are getting off the ground faster.

Oh anyone use Runkeeper?

I like it’s detail… I have heard good things about strava? As well but at the moment I’m using runkeeper…

Catch up to you soon


So last night was, let me think of a good adjective, offensive to REM state. It turned very cold over night at least it felt like it to me.  I woke up, or was awoken, not sure which happened first at around 3:20 in the morning I turned and my leg instantly started tensing up as it tightened and resulted in a cramp that restricted the lower half of my calf and foot.  Luckily it wasn’t as harsh as they have been in the past… a mild restriction, more of an irritation. 

I am not sure how it came on either, I had plenty of fluids.  I drank a cup of tea in the morning, 48 oz of water through the day, and then I had a protein smoothie with banana’s and oranges after Tae Kwon Do… not to mention more water.  Anyway blah blah

I have been doing a little research and wanted to know what some of the experts might think, (if there are some reading this) about the cold weather causing the muscle spasm.  It turned very cold over night here in the Puget Sound at least it felt like it to me.  I woke up, or was awoken, not sure which happened first at around 3:20 in the morning I turned and my leg instantly started tensing up.   

I wouldn’t say lack of stretching, as I had Tae Kwon Do for the 3rd night in a row…  Maybe it was over use?  Heck I even took a hot shower…

Sorry I’m rambling!  I found this via:  WebMD

What are muscle cramps?

A muscle cramp is a strong, painful contraction or tightening of a muscle that comes on suddenly and lasts from a few seconds to several minutes. It often occurs in the legs. A muscle cramp is also called a charley horse.

Nighttime leg cramps are usually sudden spasms, or tightening, of muscles in the calf. The muscle cramps can sometimes happen in the thigh or the foot. They often occur just as you are falling asleep or waking up.

Where am I going with this? I guess, in the end nowhere really, just talking

I will be running tonight as it’s been about 7 days since my last real one… I did go to the gym but that was mostly to do a workout using their machines.  I ran for a 10 minute interval 1:1 with the speed at 4 up to 6.5 with an added incline of 3. I am worried that the left leg will bug me during the run… I will just stretch before and after, and drink lots of fluid. I know the drill… lol

I would talk about the Sounders but well they are kind of playing like my high school team who didn’t win one game.  Not that I don’t support them… Sounders till I DIE… but they need to get on the ball!

Let’s see what else is happening. Oh TKD I’m learning Pal Gae Sam Jang (my blue belt form). It’s unique but I am learning it quickly. Beyond that I have 3 new punching, 3 new kicking, and 3 new hand grabs. Which are fun… but testing my patience… as I want to know them now and not have to think about them… but it’ll get better. 

Well anyway, I am sure I can go on… but oh one more thing… check out a new comic, the first issue #0 is free on comixology called FROST. It sounds like it’s going to be a kick ass action comic… which I will enjoy. I believe the rest of the issues will be released as .99 cents. The writers (Brandon Jerwa and Eric Trautmann) are good and the graphics have a good edge to them that I enjoy.

Alright on that geek moment I’ll let you all go… be good and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do (yes this I know leaves your chooses wide open)


Music I am enjoying right now:

Freak Like Me

I like this song, the lyrics speak to me… The group Halestorm has an interesting dynamic as the lead vocal and the drummer are brother and sister. I truly have to wonder how he feels listening to his sister sing lyrics like this.

On the running end of things, I believe this weekend I will be running this… if it doesn’t storm like its supposed to. (grumble washington weather)

This link goes to google maps
BPA Trail
3.64 miles
Location: Federal Way, WA
Phase 1: 1-mile trail from Celebration Park to 1st Avenue
Phase 2: 0.95-mile trail from 1st Avenue to SW Campus Drive / Aquatic Center
Phase 3: 1.4-mile trail from SW Campus Drive to S. 356th
Phase 4: 0.25-mile trail from S. 356th to Madrona Park Playground
Total: 3.6 miles of paved pathway

I will likely drop phase 4 as this goes across a major 4 lane road if I am correct in the location. So this drops down to about a 3.39 mile paved path with a rough hill around the SW Campus Drive-Aquatic Center area.

I will attempt to take a few photo’s on the way through just fun.

Tae Kwon Do?  Yesssss

My first class as a Blue belt went as well as expected my new form and punching/kicking techniques are going to be fun to learn…

I was in a little bit of pain as I must have slept wrong and my ribs were hurting, making it hard to breathe… so I didn’t go to sparring class. I went to a family all belt class and took it easy. They are feeling better today and tonight is an advanced belt class, which should kick my buttox hopefully.

On the stretching tip, I started a routine last night, I think this should be a part of any educational sports service… stretching is key to not getting injured. I know when I was growing up, except for during soccer… all my other sports teams didn’t focus on this in the least.

Sorry I’m rambling… or maybe I’m just wasting time. 🙂

The Book is going well, I have another chapter for tomorrow and have pretty much written the ending in my head, just getting there is going to be the challenge I guess. It is writing itself, just here and there with minor hick ups.

WordPress Question: Is there a way to change the time zone associated with posting.  Right now it says this is being saved at 9:33pm and it’s only 1:33pm right now. What’s up with that? #firstworldproblem

Catch you later you sexy beasts… keep blogging

It’s hard to say when my weekends went from, personal expression of enjoyment to hey so and so is doing great.  Not that I don’t get some sort of satisfaction from watching Hotel Transylvania, but it’s not my go to ya feel me?

We went to the $2 theater as a family and I think the best commentary on the movie would be my daughter who decided about a 3rd of the way through she would rather grab a bite to eat then watch the rest of the movie.  We waited till after they got together, and then promptly left to miss traffic. 

So I know I’m late to this one but the movie was okay, glad I didn’t pay full price to see it.  It had its comedic moments but really just a flop.

Again to remind me of whom I’ve become I guess, I picked up the movie Ted, hoping it would be funny.  But, this is definitely a stoner movie, and smokings bad mmmkay kids!

So when did I become the grumpy old man?  Meh who knows who cares… I enjoy it just need a lawn so I can tell the kids to get the hell off it.  Or turn on the sprinklers and flip them the bird… while doing Tai Chi to Dream a little Dream.  (oh teen angst movie with old people what?)

Beyond that we are thinking of entering my daughter into a board breaking competition.  She’s 5 and would enjoy the trophy but we are not sure she can break the boards yet… Eh who knows?

On a personal note I want to enter a 5k, there are quite a few coming up.  The only problem I see at the moment is my plate is full we have TKD competition coming up in May, not sure the specific date at the moment.  So right now that takes president over other things especially since I want to spar in it.  Then there is the next belt test which should be late April sometime.  The board breaking is next month.  So might have to wait for end of the year run or maybe next season. 

I can run the 3.1 miles that’s not an issue really.  My times are getting better as well.  My last one was an 11:32, 10:50, 10:20.  My long term goal is to get into the high 9 minute mark with at least a 9:50 which might be slow but it’s an individual goal.  My other running goal is to one day do a 10k or a 10 mile race but not sure I want to put my body through that.  But that’s what the future is for to see how far I advanced. 

Oh I need new running shoes, anyone have any good info on these?  I have basic cross trainers but they are breaking quickly, I read a little bit and I know that addias has a new shoe.  I also saw a road runner shoe but mostly I just get the hype… I want to know if anyone has any good vs bad thoughts on shoes?

Back to TKD tonight is sparring class, get ready to bounce.  I need to stretch; ugh it hurts in a good way.  Last night I could barely touch the ground… Blah muscles don’t want to go that far.

So this among other more boring chores was my weekend… Anyway…

On a last note I am catching up with the story for those that are reading it, I’ll likely have something today if you’re lucky.  It might be late, as I’ve got lots of notes but pulling it all together is taking a little time… Patrick and Jack will finally meet well kind of.

It’ll be interesting to see what people think… I want to hear from all of you!


Well I had a great post typed out and as I was just editing some stuff the program had an error and force closed on me… ugh I dislike that. It’s my fault really I should probably start it in word and copy and paste at least there I can save it. We live and learn…

This actually gives me a great segue however so not all is lost. So on with the show and let’s see if you can find the connection…

I have next week off from work and with it being so beautiful outside, it has been very difficult to concentrate on “work”. Today is not going to be a productive day already; I mean I’m writing this instead of working. Such a bad employee I know, who wants to punish me?

Focus (mantra for the day)

So with a full week of hmm a “staycation”, I have been attempting to figure out what to do with my time. I’ve got some obligations, but I still need to get a workout in, and a few other things that need to happen. So I’ve been thinking of things I can do other then go running seeing that my daughter will be with me… and I can’t exactly leave her at home alone. Blah blah blah anyway

I’ve thought about a piece of string hung up to practice my ducking and punch/kicking also thought about a tennis ball hung from the ceiling to practice kicks and punches. Then there is always BURPEES, I was reintroduced to these during Wednesday’s TKD class these lovely things really have a found pain in my shoulders. Now I’m on the third floor I’m sure these would upset the neighbors… (maybe a reason to do them)

Basic Burpee:

Begin standing
Drop to a squat with your hands on the ground
Explode your legs back to a push up position
Then back to the squat position
And jump into the air.
(There are many versions of this, including the a push up or knee lifts when in your push up position)

To continue I can also go for walks with my daughter so on so forth…

I have an agenda as well this coming week and that is to learn as much as I can about the differences between Aerobic and Anaerobic and which exercises are can be tailored for each. Does anyone know any good websites or books on the subject?

So my desire is to delve deep into the research pool and learn some great things. (Yes that is the segue)

Learning there are always things that need to be learned… exercise and nutrition aren’t whole new worlds for me but from my limited knowledge base I’ve made some mistakes especially when listening to soccer coaches when I was younger or reading muscle mags and thinking that is how everyone should train. We must discern what the best way is for each of us and go down that path.

Mistakes happen let’s learn and do what we can… education is just exercising your brain after all!

I know this isn’t pretty (on my phone as I post this) but I found this on the American Heart Association  basically its a.list of activities… But what I want to take away from this is the mirror fact that any activity, outside of sitting on your ass is good. 

Last night after Tae Kwon Do, my family and I went to a local school and started hitting a tennis ball against a wall… Just that simple.  It was fun and I broke another sweat running after errant balls.

We need to champion more health organization… Just a few off the top of my head.  I know there are plenty more but I could list them forever.

American Cancer Society
American Heart Assoc
American Diabetes Assoc

Wght to Cals.         100lbs 150lbs  200lbs

Bicycling, 6 mph.            160 240 312
Bicycling, 12 mph           270 410 534
Jogging, 7 mph               610 920 1230
Jumping rope.                 500 750 1000
Running 5.5 mph             440 660 962
Running, 10 mph.            850 1280 1664
Swimming, 25 yds/min  185 275 358
Swimming, 50 yds/min. 325 500 650
Tennis, singles                265 400 535
Walking, 2 mph               160 240 312
Walking, 3 mph.              210 320 416
Walking, 4.5 mph            295 440 572

Lets enjoyed the world outside!  This pic was taken from outside my complex as I was waiting for my bus.