Even busier weekend, at some point I lost track of time and didn’t write more of the story, luckily for all you suckers I had chapter 9 mostly done. 

Saturday it was a birthday party for my wife’s friend.  At a tiki bar called the Tacoma Cabana, It is a great place with friendly staff and a drink called the zombie (pictured).  I also had a Hemingway Daiquiri (couldn’t help it).  Both drink were outstanding.


Sunday well it was a party.  We did crap I just can’t remember what we did… Mostly I guess chores.

The party was cool enough, I had fun… How do I explain this.  I think I’ve changed, I’m not the go out and get drunk off my ass all for a good time.  I’d much rather spend some time just relaxing and talking while sipping on a liquid refreshment of my choice.  Maybe play pool and just listen to music. 

To much noise to many people… To many drinking games, to much fuck all.  Fuck I’m getting old. 

This isn’t a bad thing its just the realization that sometimes slow and steady is just as much fun as pounding it hard and fast.  Running with the devil is great when you are young and you recover quickly, but this body takes a lot of abuse as it is.

Right at the moment my thought is sitting in the back of a bar with pen and paper (or a laptop…) And writing.  Write a crappy poem to tip the waitress, write the love poem to my wife, write the exploits of my life. 

Such as life.

So I posted a book review, I hope you all enjoyed that.  I might do mire of those.  To include pics of the book and such.  Make it a regular thing. 


Check it out and let me know what you all thought. 

I have another chapters, watch for chapter 9, which I’ll post soon.  Just finishing up some minor edits.  Attempting to not confuse anyone, especially myself with story lines.

Back to the grind…


~Whiskey and a Naked Lady