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Music I am enjoying right now:

Freak Like Me

I like this song, the lyrics speak to me… The group Halestorm has an interesting dynamic as the lead vocal and the drummer are brother and sister. I truly have to wonder how he feels listening to his sister sing lyrics like this.

On the running end of things, I believe this weekend I will be running this… if it doesn’t storm like its supposed to. (grumble washington weather)

This link goes to google maps
BPA Trail
3.64 miles
Location: Federal Way, WA
Phase 1: 1-mile trail from Celebration Park to 1st Avenue
Phase 2: 0.95-mile trail from 1st Avenue to SW Campus Drive / Aquatic Center
Phase 3: 1.4-mile trail from SW Campus Drive to S. 356th
Phase 4: 0.25-mile trail from S. 356th to Madrona Park Playground
Total: 3.6 miles of paved pathway

I will likely drop phase 4 as this goes across a major 4 lane road if I am correct in the location. So this drops down to about a 3.39 mile paved path with a rough hill around the SW Campus Drive-Aquatic Center area.

I will attempt to take a few photo’s on the way through just fun.

Tae Kwon Do?  Yesssss

My first class as a Blue belt went as well as expected my new form and punching/kicking techniques are going to be fun to learn…

I was in a little bit of pain as I must have slept wrong and my ribs were hurting, making it hard to breathe… so I didn’t go to sparring class. I went to a family all belt class and took it easy. They are feeling better today and tonight is an advanced belt class, which should kick my buttox hopefully.

On the stretching tip, I started a routine last night, I think this should be a part of any educational sports service… stretching is key to not getting injured. I know when I was growing up, except for during soccer… all my other sports teams didn’t focus on this in the least.

Sorry I’m rambling… or maybe I’m just wasting time. 🙂

The Book is going well, I have another chapter for tomorrow and have pretty much written the ending in my head, just getting there is going to be the challenge I guess. It is writing itself, just here and there with minor hick ups.

WordPress Question: Is there a way to change the time zone associated with posting.  Right now it says this is being saved at 9:33pm and it’s only 1:33pm right now. What’s up with that? #firstworldproblem

Catch you later you sexy beasts… keep blogging


** My evil gremlin

As I sit upon my thrown and contemplate my navel. I wonder if the evil little gremlin that lives in there makes use of the lint or should I continue to take it out, hmm. He doesn’t make fire, maybe it’s for camouflage.


Sometimes he comes out and speaks with me about his plans to take over the world and I almost fall for it. That is till I hear the theme song to “Pinky and The Brain” in my head. Then I remember his whole world is my belly button… which he already controls… unless there are others…

Halestrom –

(hope that link works)

** Tae Kwon Do

So apparently I was given an outstanding during my testing, I have to go with this is purely based on focus, effort, and intensity. Because I know I messed up… but I kept going and I guess the reward would be the “outstanding”.

I don’t mind this I know what I put into it… and I am glad to know that it was appreciated. Just wish I would not have messed up my form.

** I used to live in San Diego, CA. Man I miss the beach and the sun and the warm sand.

*burp* dude don’t ruin my buzz

** Did you all check out the Russian meteor, or the Asteroid? I miss that game I’ll have to find it and play it someplace…

** Yes my brain is a scary place… and unfiltered because today well I’m slightly bored and I honestly don’t care. I need more tea… or a shot… hmm A Pizza Mart here I come. You should check that place out, cheap pizza, booze, and friendly staff… a dude’s wet dream if you ask me.

So anyway… last night I relaxed oh and watched “Dead Poets Society”… man something about that movie just gets me… teen angst and literature… woohoo

I don’t know the movie is good, it’s not the best but I enjoy it.

Captain my Captain

Tweek my nips and call me Fred but that just does it for me

Anyway catch ya all on the flip side

~Whiskey and a Naked Lady