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I know right concept of having music monday on an actual monday… anyway

I hope this shows what type of mood I’m in.. if you don’t get it from that maybe the music will let you know. Two songs about almost the same thing… well in the end it’s all about one thing isn’t it… lets get down and dirty!

Enjoy ya horny itches!!!

Clarence Carter – Strokin’

Chuck Berry – My Ding A Ling



I was going to explain belly button gremlin but well I just don’t want to…

And yes I listened to Van Halen today at work itches! 

Now go have fun!

~Whiskey and a Naked Lady

I got busy writing, I got busy working… meh excuses for not getting this out are many and varied but it’s here now so enjoy or drop out… 🙂

So with that said I bring you Orange County’s own “The Vandals”

These guys are hmm memorable in a catchy type of way, I think they were labeled as Punk Pop which is just wrong they were and would always be punk. They inspired a lot of other bands and definitely had a west coast style vs the east coast.

Interesting side note, Tenacious D’s Lead guitarist on the 2001 album is/was apart of this band… a friend of mine will like that fact I’m sure… they love T/D.

I just love listening to them… not much to go beyond that… so enjoy

Anarchy Burger

Viking Suit

Lets try this…


and this…


So much going on in my life, I have had a major allergy attack, which basically ruined my weekend. It’s left me in quit a bad mood, so I thought I’d leave you all with a little Minor Threat. A punk band from the 80’s … these guys defined punk in so many ways. They did it their own way, with a straight-edge angle which so many didn’t have… The songs are all fast, and hit with a lethal middle finger to the social norm… even if that was sex drugs and rock and roll of the punk scene.

At least that’s what I heard in their lyrics and from friends who “knew” more than I did about that sort of thing.

I honestly just love their music… especially when I’m in a fuck off and die frame of mind.

Now join me in the fucking mosh pit you bitches…

Figured I’d share this one today for music Monday… It’s a Green Day… Song…

Not much to say about them, love or hate, they make some interesting music. 
Why the song burnout … Maybe its a little of what I felt this morning… Burnt out… I didn’t want to play nice today. 

That was this morning… Amazing what sexuality and music will do for a mood.  That’s another story for another time 🙂

You know for a while I wasn’t sure about their new albums… But they’ve grown on me I guess…

One day maybe ill break down and see their play.

Catch ya all later


~Whiskey and a Naked Lady

So I took yesterday off from work, and apparently the blog except for the story… so I’m going to make it up to you with two tracks. I’ll blame the Sounders for playing so terribly on their first home match. Nah I just got stuck feeling like crud at allergy issues and it was all I could do to pump out the story. On to the music

The first

Dropkick Murphys – Out of Our Head, this is from their new album Signed and Sealed in Blood. 


I tend to listen to DKM at least once a day.  I love the style a Celtic Punk.  I started listening to them back when I heard it on a college radio station during my tenure at the University of Kentucky, Lexington.  I wanted to meet the individual chick that played it and thank her.  I even went to the station once, to do so and found out how hard it was to break into Radio.  I didn’t try that hard, just said tell her (I can’t remember her name) that I think it’s great she played the group.  Blah blah blah

Anyway I listen to them mostly when I just need a boost or when I’m feeling my roots as an Irish Bastage.   I’ll tend to inter-mix them with my next group

Flogging Molly – Swagger, I believe this is from their album Drunken Lullabies at least that’s the first time I heard it.  I know they have an album called Swagger but I don’t think the song is on it.


This is another Irish Punk band that I love to listen to… I found them through a DKM show I went to and they were playing… I think the first song I heard from them was Factory Girls.  I love the beat of the song and meh anyway before I get to deep and I have to go get a bottle of whiskey to drown my sorrows. 

Basically this is how it used to go at times, a slide from DKM, another from FM, then a hit of Amazing Grace to really just bring me to a great big ball of fuck you pride and a weep for the ancestors past.  Then a shot of whatever is on the bar and a smile at the nearest girl weather she’s married or not… then a fight and then… well thank goodness I’ve settled down a little.   

Please enjoy the music and I look forward to hearing from anyone if they have recommendations on what I should listen to or if they like or don’t like the groups. 

Catch ya on the way to Dublin..

So I believe I have decided to make monday’s a sort of music day… I’m going to highlight an artist.  And play a track, well today I couldn’t decide between two tracks so I’m playing two. 

Skid Row … I believe is one of the last “Hair Metal” Bands that came out before Grundge kind of took over, and you can hear it in their lyrics. They are definitely darker and slightly heavier then say Motley Crew or Warrent.

These two tracks really spoke to my darkside growing up. So enjoy.



In other news, Both Saturday and Sunday I ran a 3.12 mile run… I unfortunately didn’t get to the BPA trail which I really wanted to do.  But other things took president. 

I did run my fastest time Sunday with a total of 31:31 with split times 10:39, 10:28, and 10:23.

I forget if I shared my goal here of running a 3 miles in under 30… which involves me getting under a 10 minute on at least two splits. I’m building slowly just got to keep motivated.

Do you find it easier or harder to run with music? I think that is why Saturday wasn’t the best run. I was using ear phones and listening to music, which when I work out is great, but when I am running it made it harder to time my breathing maybe? I am not sure, I just sort of struggled the whole way through. Its to bad I couldn’t run with a speaker…

Oh and running apps I’m working on a post for those… I have used Endomondo Sports Tracker and Nike Running… I’m going to try one called RunKeeper next… Does anyone know of another Android Running App I should try? Or maybe a general excersize app?

One last question on the running tip, does anyone know of any good running stores in the Seattle or Tacoma area’s?

Catch ya all later