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This is a draft, please enjoy and leave any comments you’d like.  This is a lead up with more action… but its part of the story so I hope you all like it.




This is the new chapter for my story, Enjoy and feel free to give feedback.

chapter seventeen

It’s up and ready, its a shorter chapter… Please enjoy.


~Whiskey and a Naked Lady

Chapter Eleven

Please enjoy, this is the next chapter of Twisted!

Got another chapter in the works!!!

~Whiskey and a Naked Lady


Brand new Chapter!!! As always this is a rough draft.  Please enjoy and if you are up to it let me know how you like it and such.

As I write it, it is slowly developing into a story, which was completely different but the same.  If you get my meaning.

Are you ready for chapter three?  Please enjoy and feel free to comment … Looking for any help as I go along this journey.  As always this is a draft. 

chapter three breakfast interrupted