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Work has me taking on new tasks, it’s been a bit of a time consumption to say the least. But it’s alright it’s coming along as I learn. As per the usual I pick things up quickly… now just need to make it my own and get faster. As the commercial says faster is better… well at most things… sometimes slow is good too!!!

Other news, allergies plague me as the weather is deciding what it wants to do… rain, sun, cold, warm… blah Benadryl is my friend but it is just staving off the major attacks… the battle seem to be breathing, which is difficult anyway with a deviated septum. but meh who’s perfect? Yes me!!! well

The perfect ME… anyway maybe I’ll go run in the rain tonight… after tkd.

I’ve been on pintrest lately, looking for some motivational quotes and such… oh and at tattoo’d naked women. (homer simpson noise) oh sorry back to the program…

Oh I’ve been eating Nature Valley’s Granola Bars… the Oat and Honey ones… they are good, I like the fact that they grumble apart… but this has me really wanting to make my own granola bar… I might try that this weekend or next…

Speaking of TKD – my daughter is graduating this saturday from midget class to the normal kids class. Woohoo!! Think we might throw her a party.

What else is going on inside my head? I’d tell ya but well I don’t want to scare you off… 🙂

Seen any good porn? oh I mean movies lately? I watched Skyfall, loved the background story for the James Bond character, and the fact that it went away from the gadgets and more towards the Character development. Also and I know I’ll get yelled at for this but the move to M to the male actor was I believe a good thing. The only thing I didn’t like was the fact that Moneypenny was in the field… from what I remember and maybe I’m wrong but she’s always been just a receptionist and never a field agent. But meh I’ll get over it, bring on the next Bond movie.

I’ll let you all go with a poem… enjoy the rest of your day rock and roll!


Time dances on the mind
Like a feather on the wind
Twisting through the weeds

Prognosis dim, the skies gray
Just lying on the beach
Bold? No need

Crouching down waiting
The prey comes slowly
As the day rolls on

Gentle laughter from the lips
The voice is heard

na na na na … be the ball
Just be… The ball


Writer’s Digest: Traci Brimhall: Poet Interview. I read this poem and found it moving… The interview is insightful… Slightly um manuscripted. But I enjoyed it non the less… THE VISITATION In the new dream, we search for a sacrifice, put our fingers in our own wounds, wake with our hands over each other’s mouths. Boys return from war as men who know two languages. We learn three so we will know the message when we hear it. The street prophet says, If God is your enemy, rejoice, for the darkness remembers you. In the old dream, we readied our stainless altar, but a wolf stole our offering. We were lucky enough to sing the song once, but we couldn’t bring the dead any joy. Men ask to borrow our sadness so they won’t have to feel their own. Yes, we said and kissed their arms. Yes, trees cover us with shadows. We give the prophet money to save something we’ll never see. In the first dream, men accept a new ecstasy. Our breath shows itself to us and disappears. As we enter the woods, the astonished wolf lifts its mouth from the lamb.

~Whiskey and a Naked Lady

So I have been struggling, with finding time for all things in my life as my focus is centered on my belt test which happens on the 9th.

I also have given myself a challenge, to run a 5k, I just have to figure out how to get past the first 15 minutes. I have a good pace, it’s a slow one about a 11 min mile, but it works for me. I just haven’t been able to enter that sort of numb zone yet… where I can run longer distance.

Sorry I’m I think I’m starting to ramble.

Life is somewhat chaotic at the moment. Peace coming while I have my headphones on and work my fingers to the bone for the man… even though at times I want to stand up and shout.


Yes I stole that from Empire Records, teen angst movies got to love them!

So I live in control, or attempt to stick to the plan. It’s all about the plan… Who was it Burns I believe with , “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men?” I beleive is the qoute often used.

Well I took a moment to write, unfortunately not the story, but hopefully that’ll come too. Maybe on the bus, or the mat, or just in my head. I hopefully will have a chapter for you, maybe two this week…

Alas I have a poem I’d like to share with you all. 

The Silent Warrior

The absence of noise
In the winter’s rain
Mistake silence for being mute
While the chill slowly melted
How do you remain unspoken?
Tacit missing snow
Actions defined by stillness,
Quiet in the calm

Let action speak
For that is Deafening
The warrior is silent
Don’t mistake this for anything
For he respects all things
Defined by one
His sword is still
Quiet in the calm

The busy spring to come
Quietly the rain will stop
When life starts anew
The warrior will defend his honor
While the ants build their hills
And the leaves grow green
Only sounds might be heard
Defined as silence of a falling sun

So this is a story I wrote a long time ago… It’s a proverb/fable sort of story about honor and respect.  As well as keeping your word.  Please enjoy…

The Tiger and The Tree

The White Tiger was new to the meadow, but instantly noticed the beautiful old tree on top of a small hill seeming to catch the morning sunshine as the night dew faded away.  The tree through the wind spoke to the Tiger, “Greetings young Tiger that is new to our meadow.  I am Grandfather as I am the eldest tree in the meadow.”

The Tiger spoke through a rough voice, “Grandfather tree would you know where to find water as I have traveled a long distance to reach this meadow.”

“I will strike this deal with you young Tiger,” as the tree slowly lowers a branch, “you may drink from my branches whenever you wish, and when you are hungry there will be plenty to eat.  With this a pact must be made, that you not harm the trees nor animals within these meadows.”  The Tiger thought this a grand pact and instantly accept giving his honor and respect to the tree.

Over the years the Tiger and the tree became close friends and talked about all things.  The Tiger grew not only mentally but spiritually. 

One day while returning to the meadow the Tiger noticed a new animal venturing forth to the tree.  The Tiger watched as the animal slowly lowered its antlers and scratched them upon the old tree.  Seeing this panic arose in him that the old tree was being hurt he lunged to protect his old friend.  

As the Tiger lunged one of Grandfather’s tree branches came to cross the Tiger’s path with a whisper saying, “Remember your oath Tiger and live long to protect this meadow for me.”

With those words the Tiger stopped in his tracks and laid down, after the grief of losing an old friend had gone he kept true to his oath and took upon him a new one now his duty to protect this gracious meadow.

~Whiskey and a Naked Lady

So its friday, its been a week from all angels.  I hope you all enjoyed chapters 3 4 and 5 this week.  I’m on a long weekend for whatever holiday is Monday.  I’m tired and the bus is making me sleepy especially since I’m not crowded into a corner.

I need to make it to the gym tonight I’d say go for a run outside but I’m afraid my nuts would revolt and cause me great pain for making them freeze. 

I need to work on my cardio, maybe I’ll do some HIIT… high intensity interval training…

Anyway sorry sort of rambling at the moment… I want to leave with a poem again, its an old one that I had up on my deviant art page but its an interesting look… Please enjoy and feel free to comment.  Enjoy your weekend and look for more chapters coming soon…

Any good plans for the weekend? UFC has some fights on I think.  Might watch some of those… I know there’s a football game on… Seattle Sounders season starts soon.  Beyond that who knows what will happen…

       ~whiskey and a naked lady

This Little Circle

I wonder if the circle will continue
The little circle of sacrifice
Pull towards the demon
What more is there left to devour

Soul long gone
Body just a shell
Mind lost to insanity
Life of emptiness

The expression in your eyes
To know what true pain is
Bruised and beaten
Till the will is gone

Just whisper in my ear
The night will take your arm
Lead you down this path
Where your last gasp will be mine


Live again fiery phoenix
Resurrected from the ashes
With that last glimmer of faith

Saint Jude thy patron saint
You a lost cause
And life returns to your pale cheeks

The demon slips away
And the idol crumbles
Till it to arises again

So I ask that you forgive the vulgarity that this might possess… I’ve been brooding in my head… And I needed to get it out…

I am simply going to post this as it shows the darker side of me… And it also shows a struggle to push past a point where I would normal stop … For whatever reason… Fear of success, fear of failure, fear of the unknown… Blah non of that really… Just a discomfort like a prick of a needle

The poem is titled “The Blossom”

I do not seek you out anymore You are there to behold You are there

To leave would make my heart ache Yet I wish it so, I wish it for inspiration Feed my muse

Feed my desire for misery To hate, to love To to fuck

Bring out of the seed planted for life A beautiful flower to blossom So it can die, and feed me

I want to write you blessed creature I have no need for your companionship Only to write via pencil, pen, or blood

Let my emotions build hidden by the mask Let me love, let me hate Then trash it all so I can feel

Blossom become my whore Blossom become my muse Blossom I can not live without


           ~Whiskey and a naked lady

I used to have a deviant art account I have forgotten the password or I’d deactivate it.  Oh well anyway, I haven’t much to share thought wise today, believe I’m getting a cold… Blah

Tae Kwon Do should be interesting as I attempt not to feel like shit.  Funtimes… Lol

Got some news at work about a former coworker who’s going to come work for the same company I do… This is I’m not happy about this but what can you do?  Hopefully he’s in a different department.

The effort will be, to be nice to this individual… and not nerd rage as I’d rather tell them to go shove a spiked club of eminence pain up their anal hole… Not that it would do much I’m sure as it “the hole” has been widely used by the corporate machine.

Well before I get myself into to much trouble I’ll leave with a poem from my deviant account:

Title: Just for Fun!

I took my poetic license
From the lieutenant
Or was that captain crunch

Standing proud on sundown
The terminal lights went on
Space the final frontier

KISS the acronym
Not the physical act
What does draw near

Silly mind with a rhyme
In time with the beating sub-lime
Tasted on those lips

That’s the physical act
Pleasure or pain
The clouds cover the sun

Then the wind
Blows the mind
Back to the future

To end, or begin
Keeping it simple sparky!!

~John Antrim