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I got busy writing, I got busy working… meh excuses for not getting this out are many and varied but it’s here now so enjoy or drop out… 🙂

So with that said I bring you Orange County’s own “The Vandals”

These guys are hmm memorable in a catchy type of way, I think they were labeled as Punk Pop which is just wrong they were and would always be punk. They inspired a lot of other bands and definitely had a west coast style vs the east coast.

Interesting side note, Tenacious D’s Lead guitarist on the 2001 album is/was apart of this band… a friend of mine will like that fact I’m sure… they love T/D.

I just love listening to them… not much to go beyond that… so enjoy

Anarchy Burger

Viking Suit


Lets try this…


and this…


So much going on in my life, I have had a major allergy attack, which basically ruined my weekend. It’s left me in quit a bad mood, so I thought I’d leave you all with a little Minor Threat. A punk band from the 80’s … these guys defined punk in so many ways. They did it their own way, with a straight-edge angle which so many didn’t have… The songs are all fast, and hit with a lethal middle finger to the social norm… even if that was sex drugs and rock and roll of the punk scene.

At least that’s what I heard in their lyrics and from friends who “knew” more than I did about that sort of thing.

I honestly just love their music… especially when I’m in a fuck off and die frame of mind.

Now join me in the fucking mosh pit you bitches…