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The Mens Room
What was the most awkward situation you’ve found yourself in?
Who was after you and why?
Here’s my secret for preventing ______?

BJ Shea
How were you disciplined when you were a kid?
What do you miss and wish would come back?
When it comes to driving, what pisses you off?
What made your first job memorable?
“I can’t believe my parents did BLANK.”

So question of the Week… there were so many good questions this week I might steal one for next week too. 

So what made my first job memorable, my first job, attempting to remember what it was first, but I think I know now… it was a paper route…  this could actually tie into who was after me and why question from above as well.  But I’ll go with the memorable – Not the “Chaucer” I’ll write your pimped crack head face into my story and you’ll be forever known as that character sort of thing. 

*burp* Wow that went deep … anyway  

I used to deliver to an old age home, not a nursing home mind you, but an assisted living home… in Imperial Beach, California.  And whoever says you lose your sexuality as you grow old, obviously is a moron. 

I’d go to collect my subscription money and I’d get offers for favors, or what have you.  Well there was an elderly lady who wanted to thank me for always standing the paper on up onto her door jamb so she didn’t have to bend so far down to pick it up.  She didn’t offer sex, she did make me cookies though which was awesome, until I opened the tin they were in and saw what they were shaped like. 

Yes the old lady had made round cookies and frosted them like they were boobs.  I laughed all the way home and bonus the cookies tasted awesome!

I stuck a note to her door and thanked her for the awesome cookies… and delivered her paper for a little longer till something else happened and I stopped delivering papers.

Catch ya all on the naughty side… and some old people are awesome!



KISW Question of the Week

BJ Shea:

What have you done to impress someone?
What is something you always brag about?
I would have to resign from my job if my company knew BLANK
I can’t believe I passed up on BLANK
What is something you do that surprises people?

The Men’s Room:

What opportunity did you have that you regret not taking advantage of?
What did you ingest that wasn’t what you thought it was?
When do you wish that people would have just minded their own business?
Monday Random Question

I’m going to answer this question… from the KISW BJ Shea morning show, “What is something you always brag about?”

I don’t tend to “brag” as defined by the dictionary:

1. to talk with excessive
pride about an achievement
or possession.

2. a boastful statement or
display of arrogant behavior

Understand I do have quite the ego at times, I know I do, it’s a curse well maybe not, but anyway. Before I get all I’m better then you, so stick your head in … nevermind I’ll just continue.

Alright, so I don’t know when it started, I do remember how it started. At some point as I was growing up, I told my mom that I was the perfect “me”. She agreed and said “of course you are”. Or something like that, I’m vague on the whole thing. Anyway at this point it became a running joke within my household that I am perfect.

Well pretty much if I know you for long enough, you will sooner or later hear the infamous words, “I’m perfect”.

So no matter what I’m perfect, if I screw up I screw up perfectly, if I do something off the wall, I do it perfectly. You get the drift I’m guessing

So I might have an ego but at least I can laugh at myself, perfectly!

Catch ya all on side B…


This is going to turn into a once a week segment I believe.  For no other reason than well sometimes the questions aren’t that great, and like this week, The BJ Shea show has been doing reruns till Today.  I’ve listed the questions for the week. 

KISW Question of the Week

BJ Shea:  What is your “Go To” restaurant when you are in Seattle?

The Men’s Room:  What was the strangest place you met someone that you asked out?
What lie were you told as a kid, or what lie do you tell your kids?
What was your daredevil moment and was it worth it?

I’ve decided to go with the daredevil moment.  There are many times I’ve jumped my BMX bike, I’ve skated down a hill, and skydived, and so on so forth.  But I am picking this one to delve deep into a personality which many have determined a little crazy, odd, senseless, nutz, hmm what other terms have been used, oh I loved this one daft… yes I think that used to be my favorite. 

So when I was in elementary, early elementary school really… I used to watch this TV show called “The Fall Guy”.   The concept of the show… okay well it was back in the 80’s so you’ll have to understand how cheesy the concept was. 

Synopsis: The adventures of a film stunt performer who moonlights as a bounty hunter when movie work is slow.

So the star of the show was Colt Seavers aka Lee Majors… or as the theme song I believe called him “The Unknown Stuntman”. 

Okay off topic I know, anyway I had to be 7 or 8, maybe 9 or 10 when I first started watching this, and I was going to Fremont Elementary.  Such a long time ago…

So I developed a sense of fearlessness early on in my childhood… okay I’ve stalled enough,

I told the girls in school that I was the unknown stuntman as I had a hood or something cover my face and started to unbutton my pants.  They would either scream and run away, or stand around and laugh… of course some the older ones would gossip with their friends. 

So yeah I’m a mental basket case… I was never caught and I realize that today this would be considered grounds for being psychologically tested and likely put on some sort of drug because I obviously had issues. 

Starved for attention?  No I had plenty of friends… of course that is the same time frame I had a cast on my arm and beat a little bully with it.   But that’s another story for another time.

Or maybe it was fun… yeah it was always about having fun for me.  Even as a little punk ass kid.

So does anyone want to answer a question from above?

I am not in a completely depressed let’s say fuck and shit a million times mind frame… so I’m going to go with the BJ question… (ya see what I did there… I bet you’re laughing!!)

BJ Shea: What is the craziest reason you have heard or gave for being late?
The Men’s Room: What would your parents say was the time when you disappointed them the most?

This is a hard one, because I dislike being late, it is one of my biggest pet peeves. I find it a disrespectful practice, oh I’m fashionably late… no you aren’t you’re a douche that needs to stay the hell on time.

Okay okay so before I go alienating a whole mess of readers, I’ll answer the question.

Hmm crazy excuses for being late… When I worked security for a a company guarding a warehouse in San Diego, I think the one that I heard that just amazed me the most was the guy who had locked himself in his own car. His car was a complete junker, his passenger door had been jammed shut do to an accident and if he “accidently” locked his door the only way he could unlock it was to reach out the window and pull the handle.

So as he told the boss over the telephone as he was late to relieve me for the day. He had gotten in the car and drove to work and parked in the lot, someplace in there he accidently pushed the lock down.

Of course this is the old days so everything was manual, no electric locks and windows.

So anyway, as he went to open the door, it was locked. When he tried to roll down his window the handle broke off. To prove this to the boss he even had the handle in his hand… yes even know the boss wasn’t on sight he still brought the handle.

How did he get out? Well after 5 minutes of him attempting to yell for someone to come and help him… he developed a hair brain idea and crawled through the back seat to the trunk. How did he get out the trunk you might ask? It was busted too, only held on by bungee cord. The issue came when he attempted to undo the cord to get out he couldn’t. It was so dark back there that he had to lift the trunk to be able to see what he was doing, which made the cord to tight to undo the hook. So that took him another 10 minutes to figure out. He finally got it undone and ran into work with the door handle…

Called the boss on the phone to explain everything and I heard the whole conversation as I was laughing my ass off…

The next day someone (not naming names or anything) *cough* the boss *cough*, had put a little mini flashlight and a pair of pliers on the desk with a note that read, “Keep it in your car for the next time.”

Have a great day!

BJ Shea: Why do you hate your co-workers?
The Men’s Room: What price did you pay as a direct result of your mouth?

So I don’t really care for the first question, I’m not a huge fan of the word “hate”. It is such an ugly word and should only be reserved for certain phenomenon. I don’t even say I hate cold weather, I dislike being cold, but to hate it would give it such power.

Anyway before I get to deep into philosophy, I believe I’ll answer The Men’s Room question today.

The Men’s Room: What price did you pay as a direct result of your mouth?

This is a tough question really. I think I’ll go back to my teenage years to answer it. I mean besides pissing off a woman by saying the wrong thing, which would be the easy out, I think this story would be more entertaining.

Well maybe I can say me telling my manager and supervisors that I would have their jobs at some point in the future didn’t go over well, but that’s another story for another time I believe.

I think the biggest time my mouth got me into trouble happened when I was riding my bike back home, after picking and eating a lot of peaches. It was me, my brother, and two friends we had saved the pits and placed them in our pockets and we were coming down the hill about to turn onto our street. We lived on the far corner but I couldn’t see anything as there was a hedge that blocked the side.

Well to make a long story short, basically I believe my exact words where, “Wow I have a lot of fucking peach pits”

That is when I heard the fated, dreaded, ominous, FULL NAME come from the hedge. I was stunned I rode in shock almost missing the turn completely.

I jumped the curb and knew I was in trouble… my mom had heard me swear… the words in my head did not match the words I said…

Head: son of a bitch what the fuck is she doing there?
Spoken word: sorry mom
Head: this is going to suck!
Spoken word: mom I will never say that again!
Head: unless I know you really aren’t around.
Spoken word: yes mom I know I’m in trouble.
Head: fuck fuck fuck fuck
Spoken word: yes mom I’ll put my bike away and throw away the pits

We had planned to plant the pits I believe that was the plan anyway… ahh anyway yes I think beyond that. I think I learned quiet the lesson there… to look before you speak and to make sure the company you are in. (laughing)

Carry on, Catch up to you all another day…

So I’ve had an epiphany, okay maybe not life altering but an “ah ha” moment non the less. This happened last night as I dreamt of goldfish being eaten by hmm I couldn’t tell really, it wasn’t an otter with a ferret face but it moved quick in the water. All I could think of at the moment was The owner of the gold fish was going to be pissed that they were being eaten. Maybe it was a weasel. It was a strange dream anyway

But onto the topic at hand, I listen to KISW a local seattle rock and talk radio station. I mostly listen to the men’s room which is the afternoon broadcast, sometimes BJ Shea as well the morning show. Both shows will have a question of the day or something close to that. So I’ve decided to attempt to answer those questions to the best of my ability.

So I came up with this, sort of format.

The two Questions from each show

So like today would be

BJ Shea: When have you or someone you know faked something?
The Men’s Room: What is one thing you’ve scratched off your bucket list and what’s next?

The question I’m going with today is BJ Shea’s, “when have you or someone you know faked something?”

Why am I choosing this question? Well most likely because the bucket list topic has been done a million and one times before.

The Answer: Well aside from faking being sick to get out of going to school. I have also faked or I think a better word might be “pretended”. Well let’s go with a little back story, at the age of four and a half I was diagnosed with leukemia, ALL – acute lymphoblastic leukemia. I had a long stay in the hospital (a few months I really can’t remember) and treatment of one sort or another till I was 8 years old and given a diagnosis of permanent remission aka cured.

I was asked to participate in studies, both during and after, to see how the chemo and radiation treatments would affect me, mentally and/or physically so on so forth. Well one of the side effects seemed to be my short term memory. It wasn’t as strong as it could have been and at times things didn’t make it into my long term memory.

Of course I’ve done so many psychology tests … I know most of them… repetition is my friend.


So at times I will conveniently forget something someone has asked me to do and blame it on my short term memory loss.

But there was this one time when I was young had to be 10 or so. A family friend had asked me to go to the store and get some things and pick up a recess peanut butter cup. Of which I could have one, because I loved them so much. Well I ate mine quickly after leaving the store, and on the way back, I just couldn’t resist that second one.

I ate it… mmm it was so good too… well worth any trouble I’d be in.

I got the brilliant idea to make it look like the package was unopened. Of course she didn’t buy it for one minute and I looked at her and said…

“I’m sorry I forgot that the other one was for you and as I came up the path I remembered and didn’t want to get into trouble… so I made it look like it was unopened and the candy was missing”.

I don’t know if it was the, I feel sorry for you, the laugh factor, or the damn that was a good try… but it saved my bacon, well partially. I still had to go back down to the store to pick up another recesses.

See ya all on the flip side