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KISW Question of the Week

BJ Shea:

What have you done to impress someone?
What is something you always brag about?
I would have to resign from my job if my company knew BLANK
I can’t believe I passed up on BLANK
What is something you do that surprises people?

The Men’s Room:

What opportunity did you have that you regret not taking advantage of?
What did you ingest that wasn’t what you thought it was?
When do you wish that people would have just minded their own business?
Monday Random Question

I’m going to answer this question… from the KISW BJ Shea morning show, “What is something you always brag about?”

I don’t tend to “brag” as defined by the dictionary:

1. to talk with excessive
pride about an achievement
or possession.

2. a boastful statement or
display of arrogant behavior

Understand I do have quite the ego at times, I know I do, it’s a curse well maybe not, but anyway. Before I get all I’m better then you, so stick your head in … nevermind I’ll just continue.

Alright, so I don’t know when it started, I do remember how it started. At some point as I was growing up, I told my mom that I was the perfect “me”. She agreed and said “of course you are”. Or something like that, I’m vague on the whole thing. Anyway at this point it became a running joke within my household that I am perfect.

Well pretty much if I know you for long enough, you will sooner or later hear the infamous words, “I’m perfect”.

So no matter what I’m perfect, if I screw up I screw up perfectly, if I do something off the wall, I do it perfectly. You get the drift I’m guessing

So I might have an ego but at least I can laugh at myself, perfectly!

Catch ya all on side B…



chapter seventeen

It’s up and ready, its a shorter chapter… Please enjoy.


~Whiskey and a Naked Lady



Chapter Fifteen has been posted to my story blog… please enjoy responsible… some action happening in this one.

I didn’t like the question of the day for the past two days, and I’m looking at expanding a little… a schedule of sorts.  Just attempting to find the right mix for myself, and any regular readers I might have.  I have a wide variety of interests… and stories and what not.  So you’ll have to forgive me if I seem random at times, it is not intentional it’s more attempting to find the perfect fit.  I am a perfectionist after all.

Its days like today at work that I and reminded of what I would rather be doing… instead of the monotonous sitting behind a computer desk and doing office work… I mean anything right now would be better than being stuck in this rut… 

Reading, Writing, Music, Martial Arts, Tae Kwon Do, Health, Fitness, Running, Working Out… and so much more…

One thing I’ve always been into doing a lot of research, one of my first attempts at college life was to become a paralegal… I was going to go from there to law school… then I decided I didn’t really want to be a lawyer…

Things I’ve looked up today aka – Research

Fitness stuff:

Stretching the hamstrings, this is the worst area of my flexibility… to make it sound perverted… my legs don’t spread wide…

LSD (long slow distance) cardio workouts – did you know there might be a link to a decrease in immune function and lower testosterone lvls?

Vit D may improve bone density?

I found this interesting fact about Spicy Mustard, can as contain zero fat and zero carbs, and the spicier varieties of mustard can also help burn fat?

Walnuts help lower LDL (bad) cholesterol and increase (good) cholesterol
Writing stuff:
Vegas rules for employees flirting with customers

Reading other blogs… found a few interesting ones…
Running: this is a running online magazine focused on the women’s side of things but I did find a few cool articles… and I shared the link with my wife.
Don’t worry this doesn’t cut into my work time, I get breaks and lunch… it’s not in-depth research… just surface dwelling mostly…
So beyond that I really want to be writing right now.  I have the next chapter of the book which will be posted tomorrow. 

Keep smiling and have a great day


Oh I almost forgot… I’m not a great drawler but I thought of some cover art for my book… I did my best to put it down on paper here it is… Ugh its taken the wrong way and I can’t fix it here…


~Whiskey and a Naked Lady

chapter fourteen Patricks Weakness

This is going to be interesting to see what you all might think is going to happen with this… please feel free to comment… 🙂

I am not in a completely depressed let’s say fuck and shit a million times mind frame… so I’m going to go with the BJ question… (ya see what I did there… I bet you’re laughing!!)

BJ Shea: What is the craziest reason you have heard or gave for being late?
The Men’s Room: What would your parents say was the time when you disappointed them the most?

This is a hard one, because I dislike being late, it is one of my biggest pet peeves. I find it a disrespectful practice, oh I’m fashionably late… no you aren’t you’re a douche that needs to stay the hell on time.

Okay okay so before I go alienating a whole mess of readers, I’ll answer the question.

Hmm crazy excuses for being late… When I worked security for a a company guarding a warehouse in San Diego, I think the one that I heard that just amazed me the most was the guy who had locked himself in his own car. His car was a complete junker, his passenger door had been jammed shut do to an accident and if he “accidently” locked his door the only way he could unlock it was to reach out the window and pull the handle.

So as he told the boss over the telephone as he was late to relieve me for the day. He had gotten in the car and drove to work and parked in the lot, someplace in there he accidently pushed the lock down.

Of course this is the old days so everything was manual, no electric locks and windows.

So anyway, as he went to open the door, it was locked. When he tried to roll down his window the handle broke off. To prove this to the boss he even had the handle in his hand… yes even know the boss wasn’t on sight he still brought the handle.

How did he get out? Well after 5 minutes of him attempting to yell for someone to come and help him… he developed a hair brain idea and crawled through the back seat to the trunk. How did he get out the trunk you might ask? It was busted too, only held on by bungee cord. The issue came when he attempted to undo the cord to get out he couldn’t. It was so dark back there that he had to lift the trunk to be able to see what he was doing, which made the cord to tight to undo the hook. So that took him another 10 minutes to figure out. He finally got it undone and ran into work with the door handle…

Called the boss on the phone to explain everything and I heard the whole conversation as I was laughing my ass off…

The next day someone (not naming names or anything) *cough* the boss *cough*, had put a little mini flashlight and a pair of pliers on the desk with a note that read, “Keep it in your car for the next time.”

Have a great day!

Are You Making Dumbass Writing Mistakes? Here’s How to Avoid Them #lifehack by @MiladyDewinter This is a very cool article please enjoy, I always love a refresher course… Which this is. Basically saying don’t forget the foundation. John

~Whiskey and a Naked Lady