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So at this point I feel like an absentee blogger… I can’t promise to pick it up any, but I will try my best… I just have a lot of things going on and my mind is distracted by the beauty of the world.

So I’ve started running during lunch… about 10 to 15 minutes, over a mile … on a normal day. Then I go to Tae Kwon Do at night Which has become almost a nightly event as I am testing for my Blue Belt White Stripe. On Saturday.

Also I am writing more of the story… that process has slow but I’m still writing.

My music and belly button gremlin are fun and I will be posting more of those. I hope that everyone at least enjoys them as much as I do.

Prose and Poetry, I need a little inspiration. I want a camera I can take pictures with, but is light and faster then my phone. But that’s another story for another time.

I need new running shoes as the ones I have are breaking down slowly but surely. I entered a contest to get free entery into a 5k…

Oh and speaking of competitions I have a TKD competition in May (I believe… lol) which I still don’t know if I’m competiting or might just volunteer at. hmm anyway I would really love to do the Sparring bit but don’t know with everything else… meh we’ll see how it goes.


catch ya all on the curb…



He didn’t watch out and got smashed!

~Whiskey and a Naked Lady

Tonight at 7pm its already backed up on the freeway!


02 SAT MLS Impact Seattle, WA 1-0

06 WED CONCACAF Tigres Monterrey, Mexico 1-0

It looks bad with two loses but it’s alright, we will get on track… and start winning, I am confident the win streak starts today!!!

GO Sounders!!!

~Whiskey and a Naked Lady



I got this little article off the Fleet Feet website… I found it very informative…

10 tips for buying running shoes.Buying Guidelines

1. When purchasing shoes, make sure you have plenty of time, and don’t rush. Buying the wrong shoes may play a role in the development of stress fractures.

2. Go to a specialty running shop where the staff members are experienced in fitting running shoes. It helps if they are runners, too.

3. Go later in the day when your feet are slightly larger to ensure you get a good fit.

4. Take your old shoes with you so the staff can look at wear patterns.

5. Wear appropriate clothing so you can try the shoes out properlly. A lot of shops now have treadmills to observe your gait.

6. Take your running socks with you. If you wear orthotics, take them along too.

7. Make sure the shoes are comfortable in the store. If they are not, they won’t be for running.

8. Don’t be swayed by appearances or brands. Try on several styles and brands.

9. Don’t go by what your friend wears as they may run completely differently from you.

10. Be prepared to invest. Shoes will last 300-500 miles, so it is worth spending more to get a decent pair, rather than opting for the bargain bin!

How should shoes fit?

The shoe should feel comfortable as soon as you put it on. There should be enough room in the toe box for you to wiggle the toes around, and you should be able to fit your index fing er between the longest toe – usually the big toe – and the end of the shoe. Some shoes are more rounded at the ends, while others taper off toward the little toe, so make sure the lateral side of the toe box doesn’t rub your toes.

There also needs to be sufficient width to accommodate the foot comfortably. Women often have a narrower heel but broader forefoot than men, and female-specific shoes take this into account. But if any shoe feels too tight across the foot, try a different brand, as they each have a silghtlly different fit.

The heel should be firm but not pinching, and you don’t want your heel to slip up and down inside the shoe. Make sure the heel tab at the top of the heel cup does not dig int your Achilles tendon. Walk around in the shoes and, if possible, try to run in them.

Running Well/Human Kinetics

By Sam Murphy & Sarah Connors

So last night was, let me think of a good adjective, offensive to REM state. It turned very cold over night at least it felt like it to me.  I woke up, or was awoken, not sure which happened first at around 3:20 in the morning I turned and my leg instantly started tensing up as it tightened and resulted in a cramp that restricted the lower half of my calf and foot.  Luckily it wasn’t as harsh as they have been in the past… a mild restriction, more of an irritation. 

I am not sure how it came on either, I had plenty of fluids.  I drank a cup of tea in the morning, 48 oz of water through the day, and then I had a protein smoothie with banana’s and oranges after Tae Kwon Do… not to mention more water.  Anyway blah blah

I have been doing a little research and wanted to know what some of the experts might think, (if there are some reading this) about the cold weather causing the muscle spasm.  It turned very cold over night here in the Puget Sound at least it felt like it to me.  I woke up, or was awoken, not sure which happened first at around 3:20 in the morning I turned and my leg instantly started tensing up.   

I wouldn’t say lack of stretching, as I had Tae Kwon Do for the 3rd night in a row…  Maybe it was over use?  Heck I even took a hot shower…

Sorry I’m rambling!  I found this via:  WebMD

What are muscle cramps?

A muscle cramp is a strong, painful contraction or tightening of a muscle that comes on suddenly and lasts from a few seconds to several minutes. It often occurs in the legs. A muscle cramp is also called a charley horse.

Nighttime leg cramps are usually sudden spasms, or tightening, of muscles in the calf. The muscle cramps can sometimes happen in the thigh or the foot. They often occur just as you are falling asleep or waking up.

Where am I going with this? I guess, in the end nowhere really, just talking

I will be running tonight as it’s been about 7 days since my last real one… I did go to the gym but that was mostly to do a workout using their machines.  I ran for a 10 minute interval 1:1 with the speed at 4 up to 6.5 with an added incline of 3. I am worried that the left leg will bug me during the run… I will just stretch before and after, and drink lots of fluid. I know the drill… lol

I would talk about the Sounders but well they are kind of playing like my high school team who didn’t win one game.  Not that I don’t support them… Sounders till I DIE… but they need to get on the ball!

Let’s see what else is happening. Oh TKD I’m learning Pal Gae Sam Jang (my blue belt form). It’s unique but I am learning it quickly. Beyond that I have 3 new punching, 3 new kicking, and 3 new hand grabs. Which are fun… but testing my patience… as I want to know them now and not have to think about them… but it’ll get better. 

Well anyway, I am sure I can go on… but oh one more thing… check out a new comic, the first issue #0 is free on comixology called FROST. It sounds like it’s going to be a kick ass action comic… which I will enjoy. I believe the rest of the issues will be released as .99 cents. The writers (Brandon Jerwa and Eric Trautmann) are good and the graphics have a good edge to them that I enjoy.

Alright on that geek moment I’ll let you all go… be good and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do (yes this I know leaves your chooses wide open)


I am a Seattle Sounders FC fan… And they did a showing yesterday of their new kits which sadly I missed. Ahh poor me I know… Lol Can’t wait for their first game… MLS Season starts March 2nd at home against The Impact… Kick some ass Sounders!!!

~Whiskey and a Naked Lady

So I believe I have decided to make monday’s a sort of music day… I’m going to highlight an artist.  And play a track, well today I couldn’t decide between two tracks so I’m playing two. 

Skid Row … I believe is one of the last “Hair Metal” Bands that came out before Grundge kind of took over, and you can hear it in their lyrics. They are definitely darker and slightly heavier then say Motley Crew or Warrent.

These two tracks really spoke to my darkside growing up. So enjoy.



In other news, Both Saturday and Sunday I ran a 3.12 mile run… I unfortunately didn’t get to the BPA trail which I really wanted to do.  But other things took president. 

I did run my fastest time Sunday with a total of 31:31 with split times 10:39, 10:28, and 10:23.

I forget if I shared my goal here of running a 3 miles in under 30… which involves me getting under a 10 minute on at least two splits. I’m building slowly just got to keep motivated.

Do you find it easier or harder to run with music? I think that is why Saturday wasn’t the best run. I was using ear phones and listening to music, which when I work out is great, but when I am running it made it harder to time my breathing maybe? I am not sure, I just sort of struggled the whole way through. Its to bad I couldn’t run with a speaker…

Oh and running apps I’m working on a post for those… I have used Endomondo Sports Tracker and Nike Running… I’m going to try one called RunKeeper next… Does anyone know of another Android Running App I should try? Or maybe a general excersize app?

One last question on the running tip, does anyone know of any good running stores in the Seattle or Tacoma area’s?

Catch ya all later