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I know right concept of having music monday on an actual monday… anyway

I hope this shows what type of mood I’m in.. if you don’t get it from that maybe the music will let you know. Two songs about almost the same thing… well in the end it’s all about one thing isn’t it… lets get down and dirty!

Enjoy ya horny itches!!!

Clarence Carter – Strokin’

Chuck Berry – My Ding A Ling


So I ask that you forgive the vulgarity that this might possess… I’ve been brooding in my head… And I needed to get it out…

I am simply going to post this as it shows the darker side of me… And it also shows a struggle to push past a point where I would normal stop … For whatever reason… Fear of success, fear of failure, fear of the unknown… Blah non of that really… Just a discomfort like a prick of a needle

The poem is titled “The Blossom”

I do not seek you out anymore You are there to behold You are there

To leave would make my heart ache Yet I wish it so, I wish it for inspiration Feed my muse

Feed my desire for misery To hate, to love To to fuck

Bring out of the seed planted for life A beautiful flower to blossom So it can die, and feed me

I want to write you blessed creature I have no need for your companionship Only to write via pencil, pen, or blood

Let my emotions build hidden by the mask Let me love, let me hate Then trash it all so I can feel

Blossom become my whore Blossom become my muse Blossom I can not live without


           ~Whiskey and a naked lady