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Music I am enjoying right now:

Freak Like Me

I like this song, the lyrics speak to me… The group Halestorm has an interesting dynamic as the lead vocal and the drummer are brother and sister. I truly have to wonder how he feels listening to his sister sing lyrics like this.

On the running end of things, I believe this weekend I will be running this… if it doesn’t storm like its supposed to. (grumble washington weather)

This link goes to google maps
BPA Trail
3.64 miles
Location: Federal Way, WA
Phase 1: 1-mile trail from Celebration Park to 1st Avenue
Phase 2: 0.95-mile trail from 1st Avenue to SW Campus Drive / Aquatic Center
Phase 3: 1.4-mile trail from SW Campus Drive to S. 356th
Phase 4: 0.25-mile trail from S. 356th to Madrona Park Playground
Total: 3.6 miles of paved pathway

I will likely drop phase 4 as this goes across a major 4 lane road if I am correct in the location. So this drops down to about a 3.39 mile paved path with a rough hill around the SW Campus Drive-Aquatic Center area.

I will attempt to take a few photo’s on the way through just fun.

Tae Kwon Do?  Yesssss

My first class as a Blue belt went as well as expected my new form and punching/kicking techniques are going to be fun to learn…

I was in a little bit of pain as I must have slept wrong and my ribs were hurting, making it hard to breathe… so I didn’t go to sparring class. I went to a family all belt class and took it easy. They are feeling better today and tonight is an advanced belt class, which should kick my buttox hopefully.

On the stretching tip, I started a routine last night, I think this should be a part of any educational sports service… stretching is key to not getting injured. I know when I was growing up, except for during soccer… all my other sports teams didn’t focus on this in the least.

Sorry I’m rambling… or maybe I’m just wasting time. 🙂

The Book is going well, I have another chapter for tomorrow and have pretty much written the ending in my head, just getting there is going to be the challenge I guess. It is writing itself, just here and there with minor hick ups.

WordPress Question: Is there a way to change the time zone associated with posting.  Right now it says this is being saved at 9:33pm and it’s only 1:33pm right now. What’s up with that? #firstworldproblem

Catch you later you sexy beasts… keep blogging

chapter seventeen

It’s up and ready, its a shorter chapter… Please enjoy.


~Whiskey and a Naked Lady

This is an style by Alex Keegan, I found it an interesting read and thought I would share with everyone.

Have a great rest of your day


~Whiskey and a Naked Lady

Just a link for anyone looking for it to the new chapter.  Sorry its taking a little longer to get out. 

Please enjoy and leave comments, I’d love to read all of them. Good or critical…


~Whiskey and a Naked Lady

Chapter Ten

Please enjoy, as always these are rough drafts… but I would love any comments… positives or negatives.