Title is a Leonard Cohen song, I love his music and always find his lyrics to be so thought provoking. 

Hope this works.

Cleaning out my closet, sort of speak, I’ve been using two apps for taking notes and writing… and well I just need to condense my footprint… so I’ve found Evernote which will allow me to do the same thing just in one app… Which is awesome… and it was free.

The app has a lot of cool features, such as what you might ask, well it allows me to email stuff in or I can log in from anywhere. When you download a associated app called skitch you can draw on pics… I haven’t done this yet but it’s coming. I can also make different folders, at the moment I have two folders. “Notebook”, which is treated much like my journal and personal blog, and then I have “book” which is where I put my book chapters before I post them to the blog. I love this so much, hell when I have a penny to my name I might even purchase it and not just use the free version.

Most of my stuff is done electronically then I’ll write it down in a book or personal journal. This helps me add and subtract things from say the book. Adding more detail for hopefully when I get it published. Or if I never get published at least I know I have a final draft.

On a different note but still in the organization range:

I’ve been exploring “tags” and how to better make use of them. So I think I’m going to set my usual tags for my writing as “Write, Novel, Book, Crime, Drama, Organization, Evil, Good, Hero, Anti-Hero, Villain”. Anyone have a good basic tag that gets them noticed?

I want to find more blogs to read and bloggers to follow as well… any good ones out there that people really like to read? It doesn’t have to be just writing, but I don’t want to focus on the jersey shore type moobs blog, so I’d like to keep it maybe on the artistic tip. Or well there’s always the nude girl blogs aren’t there? Oh if you could see the smirk on my face.

Anyway I found a cool magazine; someone must have brought it into my work. It’s “Writer’s Year Book 2013”. A few really good articles in between the covers ranging from, “is the industry finally on the rebound” and “101 Websites for Writers”. But the one I found that was most interesting is “blog your way to a book deal” by Nina Amir, written by Nina Amir. I’d definitely suggest this to anyone even if you aren’t a writer but just a blogger… it’s that informative.

The article has some great tips on how to organize your time around your blog and need to have a life outside of writing. Like me and my lovely work schedule and personal obligations, such as family.

Well I think I’ve come to the end of this one… I should really go concentrate on work and not writing here. Although this is making work, more bearable… just because well I’m not working… this is to much fun.

Here‘s to whiskey and the naked lady…