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So at this point I feel like an absentee blogger… I can’t promise to pick it up any, but I will try my best… I just have a lot of things going on and my mind is distracted by the beauty of the world.

So I’ve started running during lunch… about 10 to 15 minutes, over a mile … on a normal day. Then I go to Tae Kwon Do at night Which has become almost a nightly event as I am testing for my Blue Belt White Stripe. On Saturday.

Also I am writing more of the story… that process has slow but I’m still writing.

My music and belly button gremlin are fun and I will be posting more of those. I hope that everyone at least enjoys them as much as I do.

Prose and Poetry, I need a little inspiration. I want a camera I can take pictures with, but is light and faster then my phone. But that’s another story for another time.

I need new running shoes as the ones I have are breaking down slowly but surely. I entered a contest to get free entery into a 5k…

Oh and speaking of competitions I have a TKD competition in May (I believe… lol) which I still don’t know if I’m competiting or might just volunteer at. hmm anyway I would really love to do the Sparring bit but don’t know with everything else… meh we’ll see how it goes.


catch ya all on the curb…


Work has me taking on new tasks, it’s been a bit of a time consumption to say the least. But it’s alright it’s coming along as I learn. As per the usual I pick things up quickly… now just need to make it my own and get faster. As the commercial says faster is better… well at most things… sometimes slow is good too!!!

Other news, allergies plague me as the weather is deciding what it wants to do… rain, sun, cold, warm… blah Benadryl is my friend but it is just staving off the major attacks… the battle seem to be breathing, which is difficult anyway with a deviated septum. but meh who’s perfect? Yes me!!! well

The perfect ME… anyway maybe I’ll go run in the rain tonight… after tkd.

I’ve been on pintrest lately, looking for some motivational quotes and such… oh and at tattoo’d naked women. (homer simpson noise) oh sorry back to the program…

Oh I’ve been eating Nature Valley’s Granola Bars… the Oat and Honey ones… they are good, I like the fact that they grumble apart… but this has me really wanting to make my own granola bar… I might try that this weekend or next…

Speaking of TKD – my daughter is graduating this saturday from midget class to the normal kids class. Woohoo!! Think we might throw her a party.

What else is going on inside my head? I’d tell ya but well I don’t want to scare you off… 🙂

Seen any good porn? oh I mean movies lately? I watched Skyfall, loved the background story for the James Bond character, and the fact that it went away from the gadgets and more towards the Character development. Also and I know I’ll get yelled at for this but the move to M to the male actor was I believe a good thing. The only thing I didn’t like was the fact that Moneypenny was in the field… from what I remember and maybe I’m wrong but she’s always been just a receptionist and never a field agent. But meh I’ll get over it, bring on the next Bond movie.

I’ll let you all go with a poem… enjoy the rest of your day rock and roll!


Time dances on the mind
Like a feather on the wind
Twisting through the weeds

Prognosis dim, the skies gray
Just lying on the beach
Bold? No need

Crouching down waiting
The prey comes slowly
As the day rolls on

Gentle laughter from the lips
The voice is heard

na na na na … be the ball
Just be… The ball

** My evil gremlin

As I sit upon my thrown and contemplate my navel. I wonder if the evil little gremlin that lives in there makes use of the lint or should I continue to take it out, hmm. He doesn’t make fire, maybe it’s for camouflage.


Sometimes he comes out and speaks with me about his plans to take over the world and I almost fall for it. That is till I hear the theme song to “Pinky and The Brain” in my head. Then I remember his whole world is my belly button… which he already controls… unless there are others…

Halestrom –

(hope that link works)

** Tae Kwon Do

So apparently I was given an outstanding during my testing, I have to go with this is purely based on focus, effort, and intensity. Because I know I messed up… but I kept going and I guess the reward would be the “outstanding”.

I don’t mind this I know what I put into it… and I am glad to know that it was appreciated. Just wish I would not have messed up my form.

** I used to live in San Diego, CA. Man I miss the beach and the sun and the warm sand.

*burp* dude don’t ruin my buzz

** Did you all check out the Russian meteor, or the Asteroid? I miss that game I’ll have to find it and play it someplace…

** Yes my brain is a scary place… and unfiltered because today well I’m slightly bored and I honestly don’t care. I need more tea… or a shot… hmm A Pizza Mart here I come. You should check that place out, cheap pizza, booze, and friendly staff… a dude’s wet dream if you ask me.

So anyway… last night I relaxed oh and watched “Dead Poets Society”… man something about that movie just gets me… teen angst and literature… woohoo

I don’t know the movie is good, it’s not the best but I enjoy it.

Captain my Captain

Tweek my nips and call me Fred but that just does it for me

Anyway catch ya all on the flip side

~Whiskey and a Naked Lady

Work is going crazy, but it keeps me busy but doesn’t offer much for writing or thinking or anything else for that matter… I’m working on chapter 12 and 13 if the story, ill have chapter 12 up here pretty soon. And likely have chapter 13 up Thursday. I hope things become more interesting for those looking for more character development these next few chapters will focus on Patrick and his story. Please enjoy As for TaeKownDo I am attempting to learn to count to ten for now. I will also have some phrasing up soon. But for now here is what I am slowly attempting to get into my head… (thick skull not much room for other things) Hanna 01 Dul 02 Set 03 Net 04 Dasot 05 Yasot 06 Elgob 07 Yadol 08 Ahop 09 Yol 10 Short term memory don’t fail me now John

~Whiskey and a Naked Lady

Even busier weekend, at some point I lost track of time and didn’t write more of the story, luckily for all you suckers I had chapter 9 mostly done. 

Saturday it was a birthday party for my wife’s friend.  At a tiki bar called the Tacoma Cabana, It is a great place with friendly staff and a drink called the zombie (pictured).  I also had a Hemingway Daiquiri (couldn’t help it).  Both drink were outstanding.


Sunday well it was a party.  We did crap I just can’t remember what we did… Mostly I guess chores.

The party was cool enough, I had fun… How do I explain this.  I think I’ve changed, I’m not the go out and get drunk off my ass all for a good time.  I’d much rather spend some time just relaxing and talking while sipping on a liquid refreshment of my choice.  Maybe play pool and just listen to music. 

To much noise to many people… To many drinking games, to much fuck all.  Fuck I’m getting old. 

This isn’t a bad thing its just the realization that sometimes slow and steady is just as much fun as pounding it hard and fast.  Running with the devil is great when you are young and you recover quickly, but this body takes a lot of abuse as it is.

Right at the moment my thought is sitting in the back of a bar with pen and paper (or a laptop…) And writing.  Write a crappy poem to tip the waitress, write the love poem to my wife, write the exploits of my life. 

Such as life.

So I posted a book review, I hope you all enjoyed that.  I might do mire of those.  To include pics of the book and such.  Make it a regular thing. 


Check it out and let me know what you all thought. 

I have another chapters, watch for chapter 9, which I’ll post soon.  Just finishing up some minor edits.  Attempting to not confuse anyone, especially myself with story lines.

Back to the grind…


~Whiskey and a Naked Lady

Alright I’m going to get on a soapbox again folks … I’m not sorry either!   Mahaha
I understand that people like sweets and people like all this stuff, hell I won’t lie, I love a good donut, or a fresh scone with my shot of espresso.  However, how the effing hell do you bring in a box donuts or brownies or whatever other unhealthy food to work each and every week, sometimes twice a week?
And people gravitate towards this unhealthy junk like seagulls to a dumpster with no lid. 
So I want to try an experiment, and would love to know if others have tried it in the past.  Instead of a box of donuts, I want to bring in a tube of healthy snacks.  Apples, Celery, other healthy food that preserves well, we have an ice machine, so I can keep it cold… just in a make shit container with ice on the bottom and the tube on top.  And see how quickly this “healthy”… food would vanish.  
Ugh, so I sit here listening to people smack their lips about Voodoo Donuts… and don’t get me wrong, they are OUTSTANDING.  But these should be special, not daily or weekly especially within an office setting.  Where we sit on our asses for a better part of 8 hours.  Yet it seems that every office setting I’ve ever been in it’s been the same, donuts, cake, and the such. 
The one year, I asked for a slightly healthy cake at an old job, for my birthday I think I was castrated. 

It’s not going to have icing on it? 

OMG you are the devil!!! 

Well no, I might be evil but not the devil!

Or this little scene as a friend put it slightly less aggressively then I…

Employee A to me: “oh so and so brought in donuts—help yourself”

Me “Oh thanks, but I already ate breakfast, I’m good.” (thinking hell no I’d have to work out for 3 hours to work off that ONE stale donut! No thank you!)

Employee A to me: *with a snear* “well okay then.” Or they get really snotty and say “what are you on a diet?”
What really gets me is these are the same people that will say “I’m so fat I can’t move and I need an electric chair for assistance.”  Okay okay I need to stop or I’ll just keep this train rolling.
I’m over it now… off I go… back to work blah

~Whiskey and a Naked Lady

Title is a Leonard Cohen song, I love his music and always find his lyrics to be so thought provoking. 

Hope this works.

Cleaning out my closet, sort of speak, I’ve been using two apps for taking notes and writing… and well I just need to condense my footprint… so I’ve found Evernote which will allow me to do the same thing just in one app… Which is awesome… and it was free.

The app has a lot of cool features, such as what you might ask, well it allows me to email stuff in or I can log in from anywhere. When you download a associated app called skitch you can draw on pics… I haven’t done this yet but it’s coming. I can also make different folders, at the moment I have two folders. “Notebook”, which is treated much like my journal and personal blog, and then I have “book” which is where I put my book chapters before I post them to the blog. I love this so much, hell when I have a penny to my name I might even purchase it and not just use the free version.

Most of my stuff is done electronically then I’ll write it down in a book or personal journal. This helps me add and subtract things from say the book. Adding more detail for hopefully when I get it published. Or if I never get published at least I know I have a final draft.

On a different note but still in the organization range:

I’ve been exploring “tags” and how to better make use of them. So I think I’m going to set my usual tags for my writing as “Write, Novel, Book, Crime, Drama, Organization, Evil, Good, Hero, Anti-Hero, Villain”. Anyone have a good basic tag that gets them noticed?

I want to find more blogs to read and bloggers to follow as well… any good ones out there that people really like to read? It doesn’t have to be just writing, but I don’t want to focus on the jersey shore type moobs blog, so I’d like to keep it maybe on the artistic tip. Or well there’s always the nude girl blogs aren’t there? Oh if you could see the smirk on my face.

Anyway I found a cool magazine; someone must have brought it into my work. It’s “Writer’s Year Book 2013”. A few really good articles in between the covers ranging from, “is the industry finally on the rebound” and “101 Websites for Writers”. But the one I found that was most interesting is “blog your way to a book deal” by Nina Amir, written by Nina Amir. I’d definitely suggest this to anyone even if you aren’t a writer but just a blogger… it’s that informative.

The article has some great tips on how to organize your time around your blog and need to have a life outside of writing. Like me and my lovely work schedule and personal obligations, such as family.

Well I think I’ve come to the end of this one… I should really go concentrate on work and not writing here. Although this is making work, more bearable… just because well I’m not working… this is to much fun.

Here‘s to whiskey and the naked lady…